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Before I made my WordPress, I had Tumblr, which has really served me a lot in terms of making me more enthusiastic about films, art, etc. It’s probably one of the best and worst decisions I’ve ever made and I hope I never regret it. I guess you could say that there are a lot of people who I admire on Tumblr for a variety of reasons, not solely that they have good blogs (though that does play a factor.) So if you do have a Tumblr or are thinking of creating one, there are some people who should probably follow if you know what’s good for you on the wide world of the internet.

1. Olivia Bee (my5tic41andshit)

Olivia Bolles (or Olivia Bee) is a recent high school graduate from Portland. She basically documents her life in extremely amazing photos that you’d be stupid to miss out on, and has over 1000 pictures on her flickr. Her Tumblr is a source of information not solely for its personal aspect (she often writes one-sentence summaries of how her day is going) but because she provides plenty of great pictures of all types of artists, from graphic designers to photographers. She also answers plenty of questions (anonymously and not) about cameras and photography techniques. In short, her blog is just something that is generally good.

2. Tess

(Imperfecthope) and (Violet-Joan-King)

To be honest, with Tess I have no idea where to begin sometimes because there is simply too much good stuff to cover. She is a cinephile, art student, and feminist from Sydney–she posts amazing gifs of all her favorite films (of which there are a lot, let me tell you,) feminist quotations, book quotations, pictures of Michael Fassbender, fashion (Rodarte,) beautiful editorials, and photos of The White Stripes. And let’s not forget her tags–I didn’t realize so many “vibes” could exist, “mafia,” “earthly fairy,” and “diner” being a few, in addition to “childhood” and “I love humans” as non-vibe tags.  And that’s just her regular blog–on her more personal one (violet-joan-king) you have the wonderful privilege of seeing all of her art and photography. Granted that I’m forced to choose one thing better than seeing people love things, it’s seeing the manifestations of the inspiration of the things they love in art.  If there is such a thing as a blog utopia (which is hard to find, let me tell you,) I’m pretty damn sure she has it.

3.  Abigail (Abby’s Road)

While some bloggers use WordPress and others use Blogspot and Typepad, Abigail uses Tumblr, which is pretty impressive (but she does it well and I am jealous.) Despite my petty feelings about her blog’s appearance, she posts personal outfits frequently which is always interesting. She’s one of those people whose style you always want to emulate, but you’re never quite sure if you can pull it off the way she does. She also does life updates, which might sound mundane, but never are. If there are is somebody who can make personal style fun and unique (cliche as the words may sound,) it’s her. Her outlook on life seems (from her internet posts, I’d be a bad detective) really positive, and that’s something I always admire.

4. Quinn (Ugly-Feelings)

I have to say, I’m really and truly glad I stumbled upon Quinn’s Tumblr. Had I not, I would have been deprived (unknowingly of course, but whatever) of feminist quotations and ideas by others and Quinn herself. While this may seem sort of ridiculous, as you can occasionally arbitrarily pick a feminist blog and it will give the same information as others, hers is different, delving deeper into issues like white privilege, being a feminist in general, and lgbtq  rights. Pretty much everyone else seems to reblog a lot of the posts she writes herself, and for good reason–she says what nobody else dares to or even thinks about. Every time I read the updates on her blog, I feel slightly more educated about my views on the world.

5. Celia (Ceedling)

Now before you get all up on my ass about how I’m just copying everyone else because I guess she’s “Tumblr Famous” or whatever, I will tell you one thing and that is that I do not care at all. I don’t want to sound too overly dramatic, but I think she really made me think about a lot of things and I just admire her in general. She’s articulate, smart, funny, witty, and she has the best hair on the planet, if we’re going to state the obvious here. I don’t want to say she’s my role model because I’ll just sound like a girl who rides horses and, like, wants to be class president or whatever, but I admire her enough to feel somewhat that way. In terms of content and not just fuzzy feelings, she post pictures of herself (hair updates) and videos about anything from feminism to her trips to New York and Chicago. She also does personal posts which I maintain are never boring because I find her interesting (and you should too,) feminist quotations, and pictures of fellow internet icons with great style. If you do not follow her because you are a wannabe hipster, you are really missing out.

6. Brooklyn Theory

I’m sure we’re all too familiar with touristy pictures of New York, the empire state building piercing the sky, which tends to be a picturesque sunrise, and tons of tall buildings surrounding it in a state of shiny silver bullshit glory. If you have Tumblr, you know that these pictures end up on pretty much everyone’s blog at some point in time (but particularly teenagers, ahem.) Brooklyn Theory provides real pictures of Brooklyn and the rest of the city, with anything from people walking in flip-flops in the rain, to cool looking apartment buildings with witty “for rent” signs. Obviously if you’re not posting a picture yourself it’s hard to be ~unique~ but if you look at Brooklyn Theory, you’ll realize you’re pretty much better off than anyone else.

7. Glitteronmyice

I like pictures of fashion and this blog provides it. While I don’t know the name of the author (and he/she doesn’t post anything personal,) the editorials are all beautiful and difficult to find, and the runway shots are always the same way. If you just want to see any sort of aesthetic gallery, then heading over here is never a bad idea because Chanel and Givenchy are waiting.

8. Caitlin (Bollykecks)

Caitlin is basically that person you always want to be because she is just all-around great. She listens to David Bowie (which she talks about,) Patti Smith, Kate Bush, and pretty much every other person we all SHOULD be listening to (but don’t always.) She wears great clothes and has an impressive bun that I wish I could have, and she has a great sense of humor to go along with her good taste. It would simply be a bad idea of missing out on things like her blog, which are always culturally stimulating even in a time where the internet seems to rot your brain more often than you’d like. She is also a Winona Ryder fan girl, which is something everyone should probably support if they know what’s good for them.

9. Eleanor Hardwick (Ghost Parties) (Caravans)

When I first discovered Eleanor Hardwick’s Flickr when I was 13, I was entranced. I couldn’t believe that somebody so young could create such beautiful pieces of art, things that could easily be in editorials in the biggest fashion magazines like Vogue and Elle (and soon were, hehehe.) So naturally, when I found out that she had a Tumblr, I followed right away. Ghostparties is Eleanor Hardwick’s un-personal Tumblr, where she posts videos of musicians you should discover and pictures from editorials. While I’m always repeating the same types of posts, Eleanor’s are ones you can really find on her blog and her blog only (and if you find them on others, they’ve simply reblogged her.) Personally, however, I find Caravans much more intriguing, as it is about her personal life being an art student and just, well, living. Either way, you’d be dumb to miss out. Once you’ve seen her photography, everything Eleanor likes is something you feel obligated to like too.

10. Gabby (gabbytwelveoclocke)

If you haven’t seen Gabby’s twitter, then you won’t know how funny and witty she is, and if you don’t know that, then you wouldn’t understand why her Tumblr is so great. But I digress. Despite the fact that she doesn’t update it regularly, every post Gabby writes is always entertaining and never fails to make me laugh, two things that I value a lot in life in general. She also posts pictures of food (she’s a dessert enthusiast) and old advertisements (about food, sometimes.) I wouldn’t say that the content itself of Gabby’s Tumblr (she has a regular blog, too) is what makes it so great, but rather the amount of personality she incorporates into it. She’s currently asking for submissions for a zine (which she ADVERTISED ON her Tumblr) and updates are supplied there too, if you’re looking for more convenient reasons.


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