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Where’s the library?

I think I’m picky when it comes to to television–if it’s going to rot my brain, then it might as well be really, really good (thus lowering the brain-rotting factor) and Community is just one of those shows. Tavi Gevinson summed it up pretty well in this Tumblr post and I totally agree. However, instead of just bombarding you with screen shots when you can really just add it to your Netflix queue…

So go watch. NOW.


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Squealing Pigs

If you know what I mean by this reference, then you have a really good memory or just need to get a life (which kind of shows that I shouldn’t be writing such obscure titles but I detest obvious ones so who’s to blame here I DON’T KNOW.)

I watched “Let The Right One In” (yeah, that’s right, the foreign non-Chloe Moretz version because I like to be cultured and see the originals or just because it was the only one on instant Netflix cough cough but which one sounds better let’s be real) a few weeks ago and I’ve been procrastinating on writing it because there’s too much good stuff.  Tess has seen it and was posting all these epic film stills and I just knew I HAD TO. It’s also a book, apparently, which is just really irritating because the book is always better, even if it’s the ~European original~. Spoilers throughout.

Some parts of the film (like this) are really artistically pleasing, including the ones of the suburban town in Sweden in the 80’s (i.e., the setting,) with the little buildings and the vast planes of white snow that just frame the whole thing.

This captures the town’s ~vibes~ well.

And while the kids aren’t exactly normal (uh,) they engage in plenty of child like behaviors, which is what I like because sometimes movies are just adults in kids bodies or the opposite and it’s extremely unrealistic (as in here, when Oskar is hunched over in the water, looking dazed, which kids seem to do a lot or maybe it’s the forced drowning scene either way I think it correlates with what I’m saying and even if it doesn’t, you shouldn’t say anything about it.)

Or here, in contrast with my whole THEY’RE KIDS thing–Tomas Alfredson  sort of picks up on subtle things about people and I just like the way it’s emphasized here, with the clawing hand.

I feel that even though the film was supposed to be scary, it wasn’t really things like this that bothered me. Sure, you can have all the blood you want, but it doesn’t compare to the psychological ideas that come into play, like the fact that Eli physically craves other people’s innards so that she can live a healthy life  and the fact that Oskar already has serial killer ish tendencies because of the bullies at school that nobody can stand up to. In fact, the most frightening part of the whole thing to me was when the woman who Eli bit started having vampire tendencies and burned up in the hospital room because of sun light. It would have been better for her to just die than to have to live with what being a vampire was like. As a random tid bit, I also like how they don’t have vampire teeth which, while appropriate, are just used so much and take away the subtlety factor that shows that vampires live everywhere and anywhere and look just like the rest of us…

Slightly off topic, but this picture by this tumblr user is kind of epic, if I do say so myself. As mentioned before, I’m a sucker for art that’s inspired by other art.

This captures everything color wise,with the surrounding white and neutral colors. I think that if we’re going to go all middle school English teacher and be like “OKAY KIDS THE CURTAINS ARE BLUE ON PAGE 97 BECAUSE THE CHARACTER CRIED ON PAGE 245,” it’s safe to say that the town is sucked dry (no pun intended) when Eli has to resort to killing people, hence its not having any sort of color and just white and brick and melancholy blues (the pool, Oskar’s eyes.)

Eli's Suitcase

First four photos via Tessurgh-film, astheybreedtheyswarm, harry-krinkle.

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Movie of the Month (I)

We already have song of the month and since I’ve been getting more and more into movies lately, I decided a film of the month was in order too. This month is SYNDROMES, a short film on Vimeo which I’m glad I stumbled upon (though I don’t quite know how, except that Sofia helped me out) because it’s extremely peculiar and extremely European (even though they never say where it’s taking place.) I’m kind of a sucker for vague films just because I guess they can’t disappoint you, and when they’re short it’s even better so you can speculate more and have less to absorb. Vimeo always has good stuff on it, it’s basically a way more sophisticated Youtube, as a side note. You can watch it in a larger format here.

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Ooh wow, look at my ~creepy~ title–I’m sure you’re all significantly spooked and totally not wondering what sort of mediocre indie band I’m paraphrasing or life story I’m referring to. You’ll find that in the following pictures, my title will be completely justified.

Amber Ortolano  is a fifteen-year-old photographer living in New York (state.) She makes beautiful pictures using all sorts of materials and is really, really talented (at least in my humble opinion.) People like Katieeleanor, who I consider to be relatively “Flickr Famous” like her work too, such as this video, which will give you a taste as to why I chose this cliche title:

Video via her flickr. All photos via her blog. She has a flickr, vimeo, and shuttermade as well as a facebook fan page and a shop.

As someone who dislikes fantasy books in general, art like this makes me really enthusiastic about the concept of fantasy and things that are mysterious and undefinable. I love photography that isn’t about fantasy too, people taking pictures of their friends and family members and real things going on, but an escape is nice and if someone can create art out of it, it’s really something (at least to me.) The way she incorporates herself into the image and how she can obscure herself or put herself right in front of the camera is extremely intriguing. I highly recommend watching all of her videos because they’re all beautiful and looking at all of her pictures for the same reason.

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Not in a material world…

So I wrote a post a while ago about Lula a while ago, and I sort of forgot to mention another one of my favorite magazine of which I have not yet obtained a physical copy even though I’m considering just literally splurging all my bank account money to buy every issue BECAUSE IT IS THAT GOOD and (drum roll) that magazine is Material Girl, which is a European fashion publication based out of Vienna. While their articles are only in German which means that I cannot read them (why don’t they have German at my school, seriously?) fashion doesn’t have a language (oh, ~deep~) which means that I just look at their editorials and want to die from all the perfection.

All photos come from either here or here.

In other news, who else is stoked for the Rookie Road Trip? I am so excited to see all the tweets/instagrams/etc because it’s epic!!!

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Like a toaster, or something

If you know the 90’s, then you know My So-Called Life with Claire Danes and Jared Leto and a bunch of other famous people (but you really know them as Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano, duh.)

If I were a liar, I’d say “We all know Claire Danes is just playing that ~angsty~ teenage girl and her feelings are all a little exaggerated,” but to be honest (and maybe it’s because I’m the same age as Angela Chase) I totally relate to basically everything she feels. Sure, some of the things she does are kind of dumb, but in the most good-natured and understandable way possible.

Okay this feeling is timeless and always will be. I just want to stick out my hand be like “I FEEL YOU” because I do because Sundays suck and she has validated every Sunday night feeling I’ve ever had.

Or lines like this, which, while a tad bit cheesy, are still relatable. Angela Chase is the girl you want to distance yourself from–you want to say, “No, I’m not a melodramatic teenager, things aren’t really this ridiculous and complicated,” but if you are, you’re probably in denial. I’m not saying we’re all like Angela because we aren’t, but there are parts of her that are in everyone and the more you try to distance yourself from her because you’re ashamed to be a teenage girl or whatever bull crap, the worse it’ll get.

Personally, I’ve never had a best friend but Angela’s friendship with Rayanne makes me jealous beyond belief (before Jordan came and screwed up everything up, lol.) They laugh together and they same to be on the same page–it was almost like a documentary, you were an observer when you watched the parts with them, a third wheel, and they were just having a great time with each other (and Rickie, of course.)

The first part is one of my favorite things in all of television history because it captures the way people act (especially teenagers, ahem.) I can’t get over the accuracy–the laughing, the constant eye contact, the sharing of secrets that people watching just never catch on to…it’s all so real.

Fashion wise, we obviously have the 90’s grunge thing going on for the most part (not Tumblr grunge which is emaciated white people wearing black lipstick, but thanks for trying, internet.)

Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis comes to mind at first, just because of how iconic it is (and it’s accurate!)

Ragged sweaters, long skirts, Docs…basically. Of course both Angela and Rayanne wear definite variations (because Rayanne sort of dresses more like a decade-confused hippie, to be honest) and Angela is minimalistic.

Also this sweater at Ashish (which I mentioned in another post) really describes the mentality and physical ideas of Angela’s ~90’s lyfe~.

Same with these Ashish Docs, but I have a feeling Angela just wouldn’t put flowers on hers out of angst.

Angela Chase
All photos of My So Called life via my Tumblr. Fashionnews, Ripped Knees, this blog,  my tumblr.

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You feel just like a breeze to me

EMA is a digital artist and musician from North (edit: SOUTH, ignorance is bliss until it’s not) Dakota who moved to LA to make music (a while ago.)  Her album with her group (now broken up) Gowns, “Red State,” is on iTunes and so is “Past Life Martyred Saints,” her debut solo album. I bought “Past Life” a while ago and listened to it a million times and I just listened to “Red State.”

EMA’s music is raw and true–she sings about anything from love to cutting to abusive relationships to being in North Dakota, and I love every minute of it. When it comes to indie music, pop is becoming more and more prevalent and as much as I like it, it’s starting to get sort of boring. I don’t know if categorizing her music is really possible because it sounds so unique. When I first listened to it, it was like something I’d never heard before. I was kind of skeptical at first, like “why is “Past Life Martyred Saints” getting all these great reviews?” It only took a few more listens for me to feel like I could not only relate to her in terms of how she felt–“you were a goth in high school, you used to fuck your arms up, you always talked about it, they thought you’d never do it” and the actual music itself started to make more sense. I was hooked, one of the reasons being that EMA never finishes her albums with shitty tracks–“Red State” finishes with “Cherylee” and “Past Life” finishes with “Red Star,” one of my favorite love songs.

On a plane back to LA, I was obsessing over “Anteroom” and forced my father to listen to it. While he didn’t really get into it the way I did (WHY NOT DAD,) I still felt great that I had spread her music just a little bit because it just should be shared. With everyone.

The reason I’m posting this today is because when I was listening to “Red State,” the last track, “Cherylee” made me want to cry (I’m SO EMOTIONAL.)

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