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Well, I guess it’s time to cut to the chase–I can’t post during finals week. It’s too much shit to do and worry about, so hopefully you’ll all forgive me after my consistency.

If I had a choice, I would murder all my teachers but unfortunately the law applies to me so no.

Hope you have a happy two weeks!! ūüôā

I’ll be posting a lot in the summer though, have no fear.

With that, I will leave you with Beach House:

My face during finals week, courtesy of Lena Dunham:


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Under the Sea

Do you guys ever watch Sundance? The channel on TV plays really good films, and I’ve stumbled upon some of my favorites like Fish Tank and Mermaid, a Russian film directed by¬† Anna Melikyan (don’t worry, there are subtitles) that I watched randomly when I was procrastinating on work in seventh grade. The main character, Alisa, starts off living in a sea side town in Russia with her mother and grandmother. Her father is a sailor who apparently is “not coming back” (though you get the sense the whole story is a bullshit one told by Alisa’s mother to keep her quiet.) Alisa’s mother, a fat, ignorant woman who does not give a damn about Alisa so long as she’s alive and within visual range, decides that they are moving to Moscow, where she meets a man named Aleksandr, who she saves from suicide and whose love she desperately needs.

Alisa (Mariya Shalaeva) adheres to a lot of thoughts teenagers engage in. I think the way she was portrayed, as someone who’s obviously smart, but also naive and passively critical of the people around her was really…accurate? I don’t want to make it out like a physics lab report, but I kind of adore her character.

There’s a lot of gray in the film too…I remember watching it and thinking about how the beach in the town and Moscow itself were all very gray and washed out, and when Alisa dyes her hair green, I suppose she provides contrast because she meets Aleksandr soon afterwards.

The film also utilizes a lot of interesting shots that are basically straight from Alisa’s mind, which combine both the present and the past all simultaneously but still connect them with a common thread.

The other thing I found weird about the film is that its genre isn’t exactly defined. While there are obviously movies which clearly have a genre (Silence of the Lambs, Batman) Mermaid really doesn’t. I can’t really tell if its fluid genre is a big factor, but some describe it as a “drama comedy” which bothers me, because I felt sad the whole time. Obviously there are uplifting moments and apathetic scenes, but for the most part I really felt sad.

Art Margins



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Witches are a pretty damn cliche inspiration but sometimes I’m not sure if I give a shit because I enjoy this idea. With Tavi Gevinson’s “teen witch for fall” Tumblr tag and outfits, it’s already pretty much been done to its utmost extent. Except for the fact that I don’t care. I made¬† a witch moodboard that I sent to Alicia¬† so sadly I don’t have one with me, which means I’ll just get the pictures I used for it off the internet…

convent school witch by tess-connellan 
I really like Polyvore, especially when awesome people like Tess make amazing sets like this.
Vogue US November 1st, 1967, Penelope Tree by Richard Avedon. I love Penelope Tree, I feel like she’s more mod and cool than Twiggy in a lot of editorials.
This Nylon editorial in the October 2010 issue is probably one of my favorites. It’s called “The Tell Tale Heart” by Camerone Krone which makes sense (English class, whaddup) and it’s just like….witch central.
It’s hard to resist getting inspired by something so good….
It’s highly recommended that you listen to Blouse while thinking about witches.
I love Ruby Aldridge’s street style. Usually models just wear skinny jeans and simplistic shirts that still get them tons of attention but she wears long skirts and dresses and looks absolutely fantastic in them.
Part of the Rodarte Fall 2011 lookbook for Opening Ceremony.
This great Lula editorial…
Bedknobs and Broomsticks Lula, September 2008 Photographed by Ellen von Unwerth.
Florence always looks possessed but this is just epic.

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The title of this post is basically what seems to sum up the current equivalent of the mainstream desirable woman, which has now turned from a tanned Californian Barbie esque chick to a pale one with square glasses and bangs who listens to the Smiths (she’s quirky! But never TOO weird!)

I don’t know where this evolution of quirky started–maybe it’s just that people got sick of Barbie look-alikes, hence the end of spray tans and fake blonde hair among female celebrities. She wasn’t hipster or intellectual enough, and plus, wasn’t she, like, bound to get skin cancer anyway? The point was, Jessica Simpson was boring us. She wasn’t enough for the people of today…but have no fear, folks! She’s been replaced with—

Zooey Deschanel! See that great little deck next to her beautifully pale and obviously not Photoshopped face? I read a critique of this issue on Tumblr which said, (and I’m paraphrasing, generally quoting here):

“America, are you ready for a slender, white heterosexual woman on a television show?”

Which is exactly right…who the fuck came up with the idea that these people are actually original or even worse, feminist/innovative? Well, they’re not.¬† I don’t hate Zooey Deschanel. I quite like her, actually. She’s not easy to hate. The thing I hate is how people describe her/perceive her because the word I hear constantly is “quirky.” I don’t know where people get this idea from. It’s like, “OH GUYS LOOK AT ME I’M ZOOEY DESCHANEL LOOK HOW QUIRKY AND AWKWARD I AM AS I WALK DOWN THIS URBAN STREET WITH MY DARK HAIR FLOWING IN THE WIND AND MY COLLARBONES PROTRUDING WEARING A PAIR OF HIGH WAISTED BLUE PANTS AND A BOW IN MY HAIR AS I LISTEN TO THE SMITHS OH MY GOD I AM SO WEIRD NOBODY GETS ME BUT I DON’T CARE BECAUSE I’M QUIRKY OH MY GOD.”

And what are we supposed to say? “OH MY GOSH I CAN TOTALLY RELATE TO THIS SKINNY PRETTY PERSON WHO I’M SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE FINALLY THERE’S SOMEBODY AWKWARD AND WEIRD AND QUIRKY JUST LIKE ME!!!” Except that saying that would be completely illogical. Because Zooey Deschanel is pretty and whatever, it’s cool that she’s awkward. But her being awkward isn’t really what I think when that word pops into my head. I think of stupid freshmen saying crappy things to each other and acne and period blood. I do not think of Zooey Deschanel, which brings us back to our original equation.

From a personal standpoint, I think I’m socially awkward (just like these quirky girls!), but I’m also overweight, have acne, and cuss like a sailor. I am not Zooey Deschanel awkward…I am just, like, fat gross teenage awkward which is completely undesirable and does not make me quirky and cute. I feel like I can relate even less to these “quirky” people because they don’t strike me as such in the first place. I don’t think ANYBODY relates to these people.

I’m sorry, but that’s literally how I feel every single time I see her on TV or something. It’s so irritating. People like Zooey Deschanel are just like other mainstream female celebrities–thin, white, and possibly or possibly not talented (if the first two are super obvious, the last one doesn’t seem to be as important.) As I said, I don’t dislike her or anything she does. I think her band is good and her show is funny, I really couldn’t care less. When she made fun of herself on SNL on the “Quirky Show” I just about died because it was so accurate. The point is how she’s made out by the public to be this “adorable, quirky” girl and it’s just as crappy as the whole Barbie thing in the early 2000’s.

Since when did wearing knee socks and vintage clothes and listening to the Smiths and having bangs make people innovative or cool? That’s like all of high school. People need to catch on and stop making this a huge deal.


Please understand that this is not a bashing of Zooey Deschanel herself. As mentioned numerous times in the post, it is the way she is portrayed by television and the way she is seen by everyone or the way that everyone likes to see her. There are plenty of other examples of these things in the mainstream media with other celebrities, but she’s the best example out there. Hopefully this will not be taken offensively (if it is taken at all it’d be nice though, thanks for reading!!)

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Home Sweet Home

Olvera Street in Downtown. I love going downtown, makes me vomit out of happiness. (I love how all of my expressions of happiness including vomiting and dying? Someone tell me I’m not the only one who juxtaposes happy emotions with detrimental actions?)

Jenny and Johnny are one of my favorite bands. I should stalk them more. I wonder why I haven’t seen them live.

Touristy pictures of LA are kind of my favorites.

Lara Stone in Vogue Netherlands, May 2012. I guess her blonde hair and the beach background remind me of LA.

I feel like this embodies a lot of the physical aspects of LA–small, pastel colored houses with little trees and phone lines everywhere, all the time.

Elle Fanning in self service 36. This whole editorial was full of LA.

Also Lisa Cant by Paolo Zambaldi

Jasminemarieee, Jenny and Johnny by Autumn de Wilde for Lula, Smog Fog by Thuyanne, Lara Stone in Vogue Netherlands May 2012, sylvain-emmanuel. P, Elle Fanning in Self Service no. 36 by Venetia Scott, Lisa Cant by Paolo Zambaldi.

Announcements: I would really love to start posting outfits here and I think I will once I A) lose weight because my doctor will get off my back and B) buy clothes after I do the former. I really dislike myself right now in general and have begun to wear large sweaters, baggy dark pants, and gross rubber boots in an attempt to hide every single part of me that shows skin so people don’t realized what happened to me first semester. It’s been working really well, everyone says they don’t know my body type or anything! SUCCESS. The only issue is that walking down the street looking like a stoner/1990’s wannabe nirvana groupie in Los Angeles in the spring usually is a catalyst for strange looks and judgments. Whatever. The point is, I enjoy posting about my clothes and how they relate to what I like but I can’t right now, as much as I’d like to. I swear, this blog will get a lot less mundane and boring once I commit to whatever my doctor wants to me to commit to (which includes cutting down on carbs, prompting me to say “Can’t I stick forks in my eyes instead?”) Also, if people don’t read my shit about feminism (like, at all) can someone please let me know why my writing is boring because I know the topic matter is relevant? It would help me a lot.

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Riot, Grrrl (part 1)

While I know that Riot Grrrl is obviously part of a huge movement (fashion included) I was just going to talk about how I felt about this article on Rookie today.

So if you read the article, you’ll realize that an eerie pattern start to occur–people as young as 11 and 12 start getting harassed on the street. People wearing big sweaters and tiny skirts. At night. In the day. In Rhode Island. In Saudi Arabia. It doesn’t matter where you are, who you are, or where you’re going because street harassment is a problem that is fucking everywhere. The amount of people on the staff and in the comments who’d gotten harassed is insane, but expected. Street harassment is easy to get away with–you do it, walk off, and you leave an angry person wanting to scream cuss words. From personal experience, I know that dealing with these things are hard and irritating because you really, really want to say something…but you just can’t find the words. Ten minutes later you think of the wittiest things to say, things that are funny, things that are vulgar, things that are the worst and simultaneously best statements that have ever crossed your mind–but they’re gone and it’s over and now you have the rest of the day or night to dwell on why you feel insecure and shitty.

I dislike the idea that “boys will be boys” because it digs us deeper into the problem. By justifying what boys do (i.e., harass girls and women everywhere,) we are not dealing with the problem and instead feeding deep gender binaries. It’s ludicrous. The fact that this happens to people so young is disgusting. The fact that women and people who aren’t cisgender heterosexual white men have to travel in fear everywhere is atrocious.

Instead of focusing on women and telling them to stop wearing skirts, we should focus on the people who start street harassment and tell them to go to therapy and stay the fuck out of everyone’s way.

Image via Riot Grrrls on tumblr.

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Good Music

Like Kill Everbody and Week in Review, Good Music (have you noticed my titles are super legit and never uncreative and pointless at all?) is a segment in which I will post a good music video, write a short summary of why it’s awesome, and then leave you all to it. Sound good? Good.

Purity Ring’s debut is coming out in July, and I’m so excited. I’ve been getting more and more into electronica lately (Grimes, Austra) and Purity Ring will be a band I will gladly add to my iPod’s cover flow. I can’t wait!!

I’m a bad music writer, but it’s just…it’s so good.

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