You feel just like a breeze to me

EMA is a digital artist and musician from North (edit: SOUTH, ignorance is bliss until it’s not) Dakota who moved to LA to make music (a while ago.)  Her album with her group (now broken up) Gowns, “Red State,” is on iTunes and so is “Past Life Martyred Saints,” her debut solo album. I bought “Past Life” a while ago and listened to it a million times and I just listened to “Red State.”

EMA’s music is raw and true–she sings about anything from love to cutting to abusive relationships to being in North Dakota, and I love every minute of it. When it comes to indie music, pop is becoming more and more prevalent and as much as I like it, it’s starting to get sort of boring. I don’t know if categorizing her music is really possible because it sounds so unique. When I first listened to it, it was like something I’d never heard before. I was kind of skeptical at first, like “why is “Past Life Martyred Saints” getting all these great reviews?” It only took a few more listens for me to feel like I could not only relate to her in terms of how she felt–“you were a goth in high school, you used to fuck your arms up, you always talked about it, they thought you’d never do it” and the actual music itself started to make more sense. I was hooked, one of the reasons being that EMA never finishes her albums with shitty tracks–“Red State” finishes with “Cherylee” and “Past Life” finishes with “Red Star,” one of my favorite love songs.

On a plane back to LA, I was obsessing over “Anteroom” and forced my father to listen to it. While he didn’t really get into it the way I did (WHY NOT DAD,) I still felt great that I had spread her music just a little bit because it just should be shared. With everyone.

The reason I’m posting this today is because when I was listening to “Red State,” the last track, “Cherylee” made me want to cry (I’m SO EMOTIONAL.)


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