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Notifications part whatever

Okay so basically this posting daily thing obviously isn’t working and I’m not going to continue with it until summer comes around again. It’s only the first week of school and I’m already busy and worried and dying.

I hope your Augusts were good!


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Tweet, tweet (part II)

All right, I know I already did that post on Twitter less than a month ago but I follow some of the funniest people ever. To be honest, I can understand why some people don’t like Twitter and find it obnoxious–after all, it really can be just a series of mundane life updates. I think that they fail to see so many people who are actually hilarious or interesting on Twitter. You’d think that 140 characters wouldn’t be enough to make you slouch over in your chair laughing, but it is. Plus, nobody makes you follow people with stupid instagram pictures of their lunch and sentences about how hot it is outside. Here are some of my most recent favorites:

1. Gabby Noone@twelveoclocke

Please tell I’m not the first person to think of making a fashion mag for menopausal women called Haute Flashes

You know what guys, say what you may, but I sincerely think that Gabby’s Twitter is one of the best thing ever. I probably favorite her tweets everyday and I never regret it.

2. Hazel Cills@hazelcills

i can’t even deal with the new grimes video. like the pig tails and the banana snake and the meteor hammer and the limo ohmygod

All right okay I KNOW I PUT HAZEL on my last post about Twitter but I favorite almost all of her Tweets as well, and guys, this is totally justified, I mean LOOK at the new Grimes video:

Yeah, that’s right.

3. Autumn Quesnell@daiseasdaiseas

“Ugh take me back to the 90s, I miss my childhood, the 90s were better” says the girl born in 1998.

Autumn is one of my favorite bloggers if I didn’t mention that already, and her tweets are even better. Also, accuracy.


also, do I have any obligation to keep my old retainer? ALMOST tried to put it in my mouth…

EMA’s music is my favorite and also this is an undeniable resemblance to my life as I often try to put my retainer in my mouth and then don’t.

5. maddie@hexgrrrlfriend

i want to date a boy who is mute so i don’t have to listen to hetero male drivel.

Maddie is hilarious and this is no exception. Even though she’s not as “famous” as the other people I posted here, she is pretty damn great.

6. Jamie Keiles@msjamiekeiles

the only ppl who should be allowed to eat hotdogs and watch fireworks on july 4 are the people who are doing shit to improve this country

“Preach it!” I said, reading this tweet. “Oh, look, hotdogs!”

7. Ali Koehler@hernameisali

West coasters don’t appreciate summer like east coasters do. You’ve got three months of that shit, you gotta live it up.

More preaching involved here. Ali Koehler’s tweets are some of my favorites.

8. Caitlin@bollykeckers

i started crying at autoplay on a blog, ok time to turn the internet off

The sad part about this is that I’ve probably done that numerous times because autoplay is disgusting.

9. abby@abigailitaa

I still call memes “me-mes” probably because I’m so self involved…

I kind of find this the best thing ever.

10. Abigail Weinberg@abigailweinberg

Why aren’t I famous yet ugh

Things everyone can relate to. I’ve talked about Abigail’s blog a few times and she has the best tweets.

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City Slicker

I’m aware that I haven’t posted as much fashion lately but that’s because A) I haven’t finished twin peaks and B) I just keep thinking of other things (??) for some reason. I’ll definitely try to post something more fashion-oriented soon, as I really enjoy making polyvore sets.

Anyway, for a long time I’ve had an obsession with different locations–not just cities, but suburbs and small towns too. When I was younger, I used to go to see my family in Vermont during the summer. If you know anything about airports/planes, you’ll know that there aren’t any non-stop flights from the west coast to Burlington (the biggest city there) or anywhere in New Hampshire either besides Manchester. Because of this, I would often land in Boston and then endure long drives, usually lasting for about 5 hours, in order to get to Vermont. The point of my telling you this is not because I want to enlighten you on my obviously fabulous life (so fabulous,) but because I used to pass through towns all over–the towns in New England were sort of quaint and had lots of American flags and green everywhere. I liked it a lot and when I was about 11, I started having obsessions with particular places, like England (at first London, then the southern countryside,) and after that Portland (Portlandia, among many other things,) Seattle (a friend from camp lived there,) San Francisco, Boston, and finally and currently, Chicago. The worst part of all of this is that I just gaze at touristy pictures of these cities/areas online–I’ve never been to any of them, save a few drives through Boston after landing there as I previously mentioned and a couple of weekend trips to San Francisco.

Portland (Oregon)

Chicago a year ago, during a thunderstorm.

San Francisco

Fall Road. Gilmanton, N.H

Seattle on the fourth of July

Boston, North End

Faux Roux, fuckyeahchicago, lost-monocle, New England Things, fuckyeahseattle, fuckyeahboston

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Tweet, tweet

I’ve had my twitter for a while now and there are definitely some people that I’ve followed who are pretty hilarious or insightful (or both, usually.) A few of my most recent favorite tweets:

1. Amy Rose Spiegel@AmyRosary

This past weekend I led twenty people, all holding hands and calling me “Amy Rose Jones,” into a river at five AM. #culthappenings

After watching way too many documentaries on Jim Jones, I sort of died laughing.

2. Jennifer L. Pozner@jennpozner

If a boyfriend dared to ask my father’s permission before he proposed to me, that would be the clearest sign that I could never marry him.

I found Jennifer Pozner’s twitter after watching Miss Representation. I’m glad I did.

3. olivia bee@oliviab33

fuck it i love lana del rey

Someone as cool as Olivia Bee (who’s a photographer and who listens to bands like Starfucker and Wampire among others) liking Lana Del Rey makes me like her more. And also, what’s not to like??

4. Hannah Johnson@hannahejo

Whenever people tell me they’ve “tried” watching Mad Men and “couldn’t get into it” I am like “wow who cares go away why are you talking?”

I relate to Hannah’s tweets a lot and this is no different. I probably reread it a good five times because I’ve seen every episode of Mad Men and have no regrets in doing so.

5. Gabby Noone@twelveoclocke

any pizza can be a personal pizza if you believe in yourself

In case I haven’t mentioned it already, Gabby is hilarious and I check her Twitter every day because I feel like missing something would be comedic deprivation and that is just not good.

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Seeing the sites

So basically I know I’ve talked a lot about sites on my blog (Rookie, Worn, xoJane, Into the Gloss, etc.) but one of my favorites is Style Like U, which is a site that delves into personal style (are you surprised?) The premise seems sort of boring, until you look through the archives and realize really famous and awesome people get interviewed in their kitsch apartments AND THEY HAVE IT ALL ON VIDEO. They interviewed Tavi Gevinson recently, and I flipped a few shits. I watched the video multiple times, which I felt was completely justified. And it’s not even people as famous as Tavi or Jane Aldridge or Elizabeth Spiridakis that make you keep getting updates (not like they hurt,) because if you look through any random tag (New York City, teens, tattoos, etc.) you can find some really rad people you have never heard of. One of my personal favorites is Kay Kasparhauser Goldberg:

I know it’s an old interview but I can’t resist replaying it. She’s just so wonderfully weird and peculiar and I can’t seem to get over it. The things that inspire the other people they interview are always nice things, like x designer or “nature” or “art” but she says “when your fingers get dyed blue from blueberries and chimney sweeps.” And it’s not even like she’s trying to be a poser or something, it’s completely genuine.

Elle Dee was another one of my favorites because of how free-spirited she sounded. I also thought it was awesome that she was willing to embrace getting older. So many people can’t see the beauty in that since we’re part of such a youth-obsessed culture. It was cool to see an interview with someone who was obviously young and talented but who has an appreciation for life. That’s the thing about this site–you think you’ll come out with just some clothing inspiration but I always feel like I get so much more inspired by their life ideas rather than what they wear (maybe I’m missing the point though.)

This will sound bad of me, but I wasn’t really into Leslie Arfin‘s clothes a lot…I suppose I found that they were boring because it was more just “jeans and a jacket” or “heels and a pair of socks” but I loved the interview because she’s absolutely hilarious and I think that after watching Girls, it completely makes sense that someone like her is the writer. She has a very natural sense of humor (which is why I watched the interview twice.)

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Miscellaneous Thoughts

Triple post night before I stay up all night reading “Just Kids” (yes, I’m reading it again, I like it THAT much.)

1. I will be doing a post on Twin Peaks soon. I’ve been watching all the episodes and I think it’s a pretty weird show. Actually, scratch that, really fucking weird. I like it though–I think David Lynch has a weird head on his shoulders, but at least it’s prolific. And I’m going to do at least one Polyvore post (which I will paste in.)

All photos via my blog.

2. Also an upcoming post on Sophie Kinsella’s novels I AM SORRY I LIKE HER BOOKS I KNOW IT’S NOT GOOD LITERATURE I AM AWARE but JUST LOOK COME ON:


3. Also going to write a post about Louise Rennison. Guys. Do you even GET THE SIGNIFICANCE of Louise Rennison’s novels? If I forget them when I leave for university I will turn around and go back to get them. They mean everything. They are everything.

4. I don’t care about the olympics because I already go to school with a bunch of worldly people who are more attractive and more athletic than I am, I don’t need to see it on television, in addition–sitting on a couch and watching the olympics is just too ironic to exist and I can’t do it even though I’m a fat potato. So I’m not writing a post on it. Ever.

5. I was privileged to know about the band “friends” this week, in the first video below by Jacqueline Harriet (it’s their song, “friend crush”) and I thought I’d share the official video with you:

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Youtube Love

I’m sure the majority of people in the internet generation have been there–you’re basically obsessed with a youtube channel. Whether you subscribe or not is irrelevant, you’ve just GOT TO MAKE sure you have watched every single episode they have ever made. Such is the case with Laci Green, a youtube sensation who makes videos on her channel, Sex+, about anything having to do with sex and sexuality (plus other videos along the way.) Hopefully you’re not throwing your computer across the room and screaming about how I’ve scammed you because I’m supposedly a fashion blog, but then again if you are, you won’t be reading this right now so it’s irrelevant anyway. The point is, there ARE PEOPLE WHO NEED TO SPEAK about issues like this and I truly believe in the idea that abstinence-only education fucks us over in more ways than one (YA SEE WHAT I DID THERE HAR HAR)  and Laci Green is right there with me. Her latest video made me love her even more than I already do (which is quite difficult, to be honest):

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