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Lula Magazine

So I knew it was about time to make a post about Lula. It’s basically my favorite fashion publication out there–if I ever was the editor of my own fashion magazine, I would try hard to embody Lula in some way, shape or form (without copying of course, but that’s another story.) It’s full of things that are beautiful–you don’t even have to buy into the meaning too much, it’s all just so beautiful. I currently have three issues; they’re hard to find and you can go to your local Barnes and Noble (that’s where I find them) to get them. They’re expensive but they have interviews with people like Miranda July and the lead singer of XX and just all things cool. I’m still waiting for an interview of Florence Welch, she seems like she’d fit right in there.

Here’s Leith Clark, the editor in chief of Lula: she’s my journalism and artistic and everything role model. Like when I think of role models, Leith Clark floats into my mind as one of my top five. If I could accomplish just ONE of the things she has, I’d be so stoked.

I just love having pictures of Lula collections; someday I hope to have that many issues.

Siri Tollerød in Lula #6-S/S ‘08 Crown of Love shot by Ellen von Unwerth. Probably one of my favorite editorials; besides the fact that she’s gorgeous it’s just so stunning with the daisies in her hair and everything.

untitled by //REBECCA on Flickr. Basically just a person READING LULA which MAKES ME HAPPY even to look at. I can literally see all the fairy like creatures swarming around and drinking tea and dressing up in Rodarte.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that Lily Cole is my queen, but she is (I adore red heads oh my gosh) and they did an article on her in their last issue. I was flipping out and the editorial was epic. Lily Cole by Clare Shilland for Lula #13:


Anyway yeah, so this editorial was amazing but I’m so biased because I love Lily Cole and I feel like anything she’s in is automatically a great editorial since she’s so unique looking.

Here’s a picture from the scrapbook that Lula has on their website; it’s basically a series of images from people in the fashion industry and this one was taken by Autumn de Wilde of the Mulleavy sisters in Hong Kong. I really like it. The scrapbook is a blog I check frequently.

Another accessories editorial I really loved is also in Lula. Anais Pouliot for Lula Magazine Issue 12 Photographed by Damon Heath:

As well as: Imogen Morris Clarke in LULA issue 12 by Clare Shilland.

So yeah, here’s just a small sampling of what can be found in Lula. I love it so much–they have interviews with artists, writers, actors, bloggers–just about everyone and I find it one of the most enlightening things to read.


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I love how I posted that short and sloppily written thing about graphic shirts yesterday and then I get 3 likes and then I compose a long post about suburbia and the politics of Lena Dunham and an Anna Sui show and I get nothing. I’m not complaining I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND.

Regardless, I have created a list of things I have enjoyed this week:

1. Grimes:

Listen to “Vanessa” once. You will fall in love. Grimes (Claire Boucher) is a super cool chick from Canada who makes amazing electronica. Her album “Visions” came out in February and is available on iTunes. I highly recommend checking out all her albums (as that’s just the latest one.) Also in the video for “Vanessa,” all the girls are super gorgeous (not that beauty defines people but women are hot, forever and always that was literally the worst defense for such a horrible statement oh my gosh I’m tired.)

Via this tumblr.

2. So I read Nylon (I hope you don’t judge me for that) sometimes, and their young Hollywood issue just came out. There was an article featuring Juno Temple and she’s doing this movie called Little Birds, which takes place in a town right outside of L.A. I’m so excited for it! It looks really good (and scary):

It might be a short trailer, but personally I really think it could be good. Or it also could be bad, too, I can’t tell yet. Either way I’m going to see it.

3. Rookie never fails to inspire me…I find all of their articles intriguing and insanely refreshing, but this one almost beats them all. As a society in America, we are always told college is what we’re here for in order to get a good job. While this may be true, I have to revert back to the good old New York Times Magazine again–they had an article about students who graduated from Drew University. I think that in the end, it doesn’t matter really which one you go to but so long as you go to a decent one and even better if it’s prestigious–anyway, a lot of the college grads of Drew couldn’t find jobs. For the life of them–some submitted TONS of apps and it didn’t matter. They majored in literature but were working in chain stores in malls. So Rookie’s article kind of makes sense at a time like this–do WE REALLY need college right after high school? Sometimes I wonder if it’s better to work and meet new people without working. You can still educate yourself with books (sounds stupid, but the library always educates me.) Plus, it might be good to figure out what you like and then go to school for it later. People always act like you need to know what you like now and it scares me. I’m going to college, there’s no question about it, but I think it’s good for a small group of people. And it was great they published this because people are so judgmental about it.

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Your Attitude is Showing

I really like clothes with words on them when they’re done in the right way. Tank tops from department stores that read “brat” in cheap sequins don’t really adhere to the phrase “right way” in my opinion (but thanks for playing, Target, it was much appreciated.)

Jouetie is a designer that has pretty great stuff, as in this example:

Right so that’s amazing…Can I just wear this everyday? All the time? That way I wouldn’t have to waste my breath telling people this…because let’s face it, I do it too much.

Ripped 90’s sweaters guys. Hard times if you ask me at Ashish.

Yohji Yamamoto Spring 2011 RTW (one of my personal favorites, I need to look at more Yamamoto stuff.)

Diesel signs never fail to impress me, I am such a teenage cliche who looks through old Vogues and says “that’s so funnyyyy.”

Ghost World, always a source of inspiration (FEAR THE RAPTOR.)


All via my tumblr except Alta Moda (on tumblr)

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A History Lesson For All of Us

So I said I would review/talk about books on here, and I am. I’m not sure about it though, because the posts that have gotten the most likes/commentary are all fashion related. While I enjoy doing fashion related posts, I also like doing posts about books because books relate to fashion AND EVERYTHING relates to fashion. Strictly limiting this blog to posts about blah blah’s latest show is not only boring (to me at least) but also idiotic.

I read A History Lesson for Girls when I was in sixth or seventh grade. It’s about a girl named Alison who moves with her hipster bohemian parents to an extremely affluent town in Connecticut in 1975 (Weston, to be specific, which still exists today and has the same characteristics) where she begins middle school and soon meets a girl named Kate. Kate is one of those people who is best described as “broken but beautiful.” It sounds cliche, but it’s true. The story is about their relationship and each of their families individually as they deal with moving, Alison’s scoliosis, and Kate’s father. While I know that the descriptions in the book are really rich and while short, still intense, I enjoy the dialogue and the friendship between Kate and Alison the best.

At the risk of sounding like a weird creep, I personally think that friendships between girls in middle school are really interesting, because they’re characteristically young (clingy) but they’re done or created in a very mature way. They’re always built from nothing, and in this case, the foundation of their friendship came back to haunt them.

Teenage girls are the smartest people on the planet; I’ll say it now and I’ll say it again. Kate and Alison aren’t exempt from that; they’re both very perceptive of the world around them and how it’s falling apart and why it is. They both know why they ride on their horses together and why they drink what they drink and hang out with who they hang out with. Alison is a little more observant than Kate, maybe because she’s more quiet or more interested in the people around her, but the way she describes her parent’s marriage and her back and Kate is really sophisticated. I sound stupid saying that because uh, duh, it was written by an intelligent woman who’s written other stories and obviously Alison isn’t 5, she’s not going to litter her thoughts with non sequiturs about ducks and pizza, but I think she captures the way they think well. As in, I MEET PEOPLE who probably thought the same things they did (since I’m older than Alison Kate where supposedly in the story.)

I’d really like to have a discussion about this because it’s really one of my favorite books EVER and nobody else has seemed to have read it so if any of you have, start a discussion in the comments below, it’s much appreciated.

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The following is an excerpt of something I may or may not submit to Rookie. In the comments, it would be SO helpful if you could tell me what I’m doing wrong so I can try to edit it for submissions. 

I’m not going to lie: Florence Welch is my queen. There is actually no other way to describe how I feel about her. She isn’t just “my favorite singer,” “my best friend who doesn’t know I exist”; she’s Florence Welch and because of this, I worship her and adore her to death. Marina can have her diamonds and Gaga can have her monsters, but Florence will always have me because family may come and go, friends may come and go, but as long as I’m alive, she’ll be here to stay. She doesn’t emulate your cool big sister or your best friend; she’s that weird aunt who listens to great music or that girl in the back of your physics class who writes poetry. I have no shame in my love for her.

Florence’s first album with her band, Florence and the Machine (don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten them), is called Lungs. The first time I listened to it, it was like hearing a new language. Her songs were mystical but not so much so that they were distant; I couldn’t relate to all of it because I was too young, but it didn’t matter. I’d listen to it every day of the summer and I remember dancing around to it in my room. I’d get up early just because I was excited to listen to it and I’d finish off every day hearing the sound of her voice. Ever new album I heard from every other artist that summer seemed inadequate and every song I heard on the radio was even worse. It still is that way, to an extent.

One of the first things that’s so great about Florence is her hair: it’s fiery red, and always had been. While other singers constantly change their color, she keeps it the same, which I find refreshing. Maybe I’m biased because I just love red hair, but I couldn’t see her with any other color, solely because she has such a great stage presence.

And that’s another thing: when you see images of Florence singing, she isn’t just standing there, mouth open, eyes dead—her eyes are closed, her arms are out, and she looks as though she’s in a trance. Her eyes are intense and she moves around in almost an unreal way. Her hands make intricate patterns in the air and it’s almost like she’s a witch casting spells, except that they’re in the form of song lyrics. Every time I see videos of performances of her, she’s always the one who catches my attention. Her voice isn’t airy and drafty like other people’s voices when they make pop music; it’s big and intense, and every time I hear it, it’s like I’m in the middle of an intoxicating rain storm with gospel songs.

Florence also has great style. She always talks about how much she loves Stevie Nicks and wants to dress like her. I don’t know about you, but anyone who wants to be like Stevie Nicks earns 10 cool points. She also performed in one of Chanel’s shows, as picked by Karl Lagerfeld. Her clothes are always long and flowing and as I mentioned before, with her hands making these weird shapes and her eyes closed and her hair this fiery red, she looks like a creature from another world, sort of like one of those girls Anne of Green Gables made up.

Florence’s next album (after Lungs) was Ceremonials, released in 2011. It’s probably one of the most surreal and intense things you’ll ever listen to . It’s very different from Lungs and it took some getting used to, but I could still hear Florence’s voice and I started listening to it as obsessively as her first album. It has so many tracks on it, but here’s one of my favorites:

I don’t know, guys. There’s something about her that’s just amazing–when I first knew she even existed, not that she was a singer, but that someone with these ideas and thoughts even EXISTED, I freaked out. It’s like she’s a little off, she’s here but she can transport herself into another world and it’s so beautiful to me that she’s willing to share that with all of us and not keep it to herself.

She talks often about how she was a child, sort of scared of fantastical things, like ghosts and vampires in this interview, which is one of my favorites of her (even though it’s really old):


Florence and the Machine VEVO, Stuff, idolator, 2206 Natalie, Carina4, darklordbunnykins.

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Dry Martinis

One of my favorite things ever are the suburbs and especially suburbs portrayed in the media. Real suburbs are gorgeous too, but the majority of them aren’t filled with small pastel houses and blue skies and no trees. I like researching different suburbs, probably because they have good schools there.

My latest favorite portrayal of the ‘burbs is Anja Rubik in Vogue US:

She reminds me a little too much of Betty Draper in that editorial…

Edward Scissorhands:

Obviously common aspects in regards to the portrayal of the suburbs are conformity, constriction, pastels, and clear, blue skies.

This is a real place. I believe it is Henderson, Nevada in the U.S.:

Pete Seeger–Little Boxes, one of my favorites ever.

Arcade Fire’s third album was one of my favorites (although I love Arcade Fire to death) and this song describes the suburbs so well.

Their full length scenes from the suburbs is also epic too.

Ah yes, the pastel blue skies again.

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Fleetwood Mac Vibes

So this Anna Sui show kind of reminded me of Gold Dust Woman:

Maybe it’s just the gypsy-Roma-stereotyping here-outfits. But don’t worry, I know it’s way more 40’s than 70’s. For some reason Fleetwood Mac came into my head when I saw the collection, I don’t know. I already talked about the next collection’s makeup but I really liked this one’s clothes more. Maybe I’m just a sucker for the 40’s (fashion anyway, not society) because when I bought my first Vogue (ever), it had this huge 40’s editorial with Karen Elson who also happened to be in this show. I love Karen Elson. If I could look like her, I’d probably just drool at my own beauty for hours.

Here’s the song:

I think it might have something to do with the hair and the jewels. It reminds me a lot of exploration.

And of course I couldn’t not show Karen Elson, who looked epic. I want red hair. I will probably make a tag for that because I’ve always wanted it and I’m obsessed with it.

Another editorial I’ve always been obsessed with is this one, which looks a lot like the Anna Sui collection (Egle Tvirbutaite by Max Farago for Elle US March 2010, by the way):

Love the head accessory thing going on, which was obviously a prominent thing in the Anna Sui collection. Also the shoes in the first picture and the bangles are some of my favorite parts too.

And without further ado, probably my favorite vogue editorial (which doesn’t remind me of Fleetwood Mac because that would be weird):

Images from various Tumblrs (flowersofthecity, now deactivated,  including mine, Labrose), iiiinspired, my Tumblr, Spinning Brick, MalindajaneLARISSA BELKIS.

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