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Polymore (shitty titles 2k12)

I’ve been writing a lot about different shows/films/etc. in which I make a Polyvore set having to do with a certain character and decided to do a post dedicated to my favorite Polyvores–some people are so talented at making them. It really is an art in some ways, finding exactly the right shirt to go with the right pants to go with the right shoes, and not to mention other things Polyvore has, like perfume, hair dye, scarves, and jewelry. It’s all really overwhelming but I’ve seen some people who seem to get the hang of it. To be honest, I think that Polyvore is great because it’s very simple but everyone can do it and it’s actually quite entertaining.

1. I’ve talked about Tess a lot, but she did this great Witch set which I really enjoyed.

convent school witch

AX Paris black dress
$16 – axparis.co.uk


Dr. Martens velvet shoes

Black jewelry

Rosary cross necklace
$16 – peeptoeshoes.com.au

Kat Von D lip stick

She really emulates the fall witch vibes which I think that we all put on our blogs, whether we like it or not. Also, those Doc Martens are amazing and I think I would completely wear this outfit given the chance.

2. Autumn is another one of my favorite Polyvore-makers. She has made so many sets and they’re all elegant in some way or another. It was hard picking just one. She also uses lyrics from the best songs just to make them even better. See Arctic Monkeys reference down here:

you used to get it in your fishnets

Repetto bow flat

Carven Anastasie flip-up round-frame acetate sunglasses
$370 – net-a-porter.com

She always makes the most classy sets, things that could easily be set in a French film. I want to wear all of the clothes she posts as well (wait, what else is new?)

3. She is one of my favorite Polyvore users. I think she is really good at making different sets that have a lot of things but they all adhere to one certain aesthetic. It was so hard picking one of the sets, but I settled on this one for its glitter (Halloween is just around the corner, kind of.) And the title, of course (who doesn’t love a good Bikini Kill reference once and a while?)

Alien She



Silver eye makeup


white+docs.jpg (240×240)

4. Abigail has a great blog that I mentioned before, and she also has a great Polyvore too. I really like the sets that she makes because they’re more like collages than clothes floating about the way I make them.

midnight blue on a sunny afternoon

Blue pants

Black pencil skirt
$31 – desireclothing.co.uk

Platform shoes

Vintage handbag

Stila eyeshadow

George Washington Administration Newspapers

I actually have no idea how to make collages, which is quite a shame as they’re really fun to look at and probably create as well. This definitely reminds me of the beginning of the spring, where it’s still “appropriate” to wear black (not like you should let other people dictate what you wear based on old antiquated standards.)

5. And then there are the people advertised on the front page of the website. While I really think that a lot of people on Polyvore make dumb sets (just Tumblr search it) and that can be seen a little too often on the front page (white shorts and a blue top with a skinny white girl in the background as the collage inspiration, how original) I do think that some are well deserved, like this one:


TIBI skinny pants

Repetto small heels

Proenza Schouler genuine leather handbag
$1,815 – net-a-porter.com

Marni resin necklace
$265 – net-a-porter.com

Gee Beauty lip makeup
$135 – eluxe.ca

NARS Cosmetics nail polish


Palácio da Pena

Palácio da Pena

Palácio da Pena

Palácio da Pena

Palácio da Pena

Palácio da Pena

Palácio da Pena

This one was nice because it has a personal aspect to it since it was her clothing, and also I liked the layout, which really seems to be the main decider of the featured sets since the clothes are so bland to me. Some people are really talented at designing where the clothes are at what words go where, and there’s something to be said for that, but to me the clothes are more important. As I said, I do like this set and I think its being featured was justified.



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And I think to myself, Oh I hate Polyvore (shitty titles 2k12)

Middle Schooler Goes to Funeral

Marni lace overlay dress
$1,715 – leclaireur.com

Chain jewelry

Pieces Fenella Bow Hair Clip
$6.29 – asos.com

All right, I feel I need to do some explaining–somehow all of my Polyvore posts got synced up with my blog and now my Twin Peaks post preparations have been revealed, so uh, fuck Polyvore? Or maybe fuck me, I’m not quite sure who’s to blame at this point, though the latter is usually the case. But blaming Polyvore is more fun.

However, I realized that I didn’t explain the ideas behind this post whereas I have with all my other sets. Basically, I made this thinking about what I wore to my grandfather’s funeral in eighth grade (happy times) and it wasn’t half this cool. I wore a grey dress at a store called Un Deux Trois. If you live in LA and are between the ages of 10 and 13, this is where you get your stuff. Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, funerals, you name it. I also wore black boots that I got from a consignment store, neither of which are in this set because I wanted to make something that I would have worn though never would touch now. I would not be surprised if I’d picked a fucking pi necklace (though maybe that was more sixth grade than eighth, but it’s all a blur of retainers and acne and sports bras now, so what’s the difference) even though I’m terrible at math, a bow, and some doc martens (okay, not going to lie, I would totally wear those now.)

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Teenage suicide, don’t do it

Welp, I’m a real damn cliche now because I watched Heathers and I loved it.

First of all, we’ve got Winona Ryder and that just justifies every single flaw in the whole things because she’s WINONA RYDER. I sound like a twelve-year-old but I couldn’t help thinking “Veronica really IS the prettiest out of all the Heathers if we’re going to be judgmental and pointless here” but I’m not going to go on (though I want to, people with cheek bones make me cry.) Spoiler alert: references of ENTIRE film throughout post, beware!!

Okay, first of all, she’s pretty badass (you go Winona, he doesn’t deserve your fucking speech!!! YOU ARE SO RIGHT, JUST REMEMBER NOT TO KILL HIM AND FRAME HIS DEATH AS A SUICIDE OH WAIT WHAT DID I JUST SAY.)

However, on the other foot, I am not going to lie and say that I just hated everyone and Veronica Sawyer was the only one I really liked because let’s face it–this movie would probably be nothing without Heather’s lines (see above.) I kind of want to use all of them on the people at school I dislike, which, in a non-sequitur, would up my bitch level to like, infinity, but it’s not as though any of my dip-dyed obsessed classmates would even know that when I said “fuck me with a chain saw,” I was quoting an 80’s film and not just my screwed-up mind.

I am also not going to lie and say that when Veronica and the Heathers were together as a group, I kind of wouldn’t have minded being one of them just so I could play crochet and wear 80’s shoulder-pad filled jackets and kill my hair with spray.

I made a Polyvore post about them:

Teenage suicide, don't do it

am3-forty5, goll-um, herloveturnedtostone,

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