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I am really obsessed with Natalie Kucken‘s photography right now. She takes the most beautiful photos, and they look very Sofia Coppola-esque film to me. I like looking at all of them, but she updates her tumblr a lot and a I have a Tumblr so it’s easy to get updated that way (trust me, you’ll want to.) These are some of my favorite ones–personally, I like the photos she tags as “diary” because they’re personal. The thing I find so fascinating about her is that she just packed up from her home after graduating high school and moved to New York. She’d worked during all of high school so that’s where she got some of her money, but I find that inspiring. It’s really not the same thing as going to university. When you go there, you look back. You look back on winter break, during spring break, during the summer, you’re always seeing what was (even though you’re simultaneously seeing what will be.) Anyone who has the guts to just pack up and leave is pretty driven.

“My bedroom”

More diary photos.

Lissy elle

She always takes photos that are really faded, which I think help the whole Sofia Coppola vibe. It also adds an air of mystery (at least to me) even though they’re pictures of everyday life.

metin’s roof on 19th street

This is one of my absolute favorites (though I’m pretty obsessed with all of them.)

From “me-being-creepy-in-crowds diary photos”

view from my new bedroom window

I don’t want to repost all of her work, but you can definitely some more of her photos on her Tumblr,website,and on her blog.


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Mayne Man (shitty titles 2k12)

As I’ve mentioned multiple times, I’ve been delving more and more into photography over the last year or so (i.e. when I started using the internet regularly and not just for school work.) One of my latest favorites (among many others) has been Roger Mayne, a British photographer who took photos of London and other places around the world in the 60’s.

“Girls Chatting, Islington, 1963”

“Southam Street, North Kensington, London” (1957)

“Girls jiving, richmond jazz festival 1969”

“Children by a Doorway, Dublin, 1957”

The thing I like most about all of this photography is that it’s completely in the moment. A second later, half of these pictures would turn out completely different. They aren’t posed (or so a lot of them aren’t) and I think it’s a talent to be able to capture the moment–someone laughing or looking happy or sad or what have you.

Another thing I enjoy about his photographs is that there’s nothing embellished about them–obviously there was no Photoshop when these were taken, but a lot aren’t posed, and they’re not glamorous at all, yet they still have a quality that draws you in and makes you want to be there.

I used to hate myself for liking realistic subjects (yeah, let’s steer away from great photography and talk about me, because that’s how relevant I am) since everyone else seemed to love Harry Potter and fantastical books and films. I still enjoy those things (not Harry Potter specifically) but Lula and fashion photography, which are obviously very embellished or ostentatious types of art. Despite this, I still favor realism because I  think it’s harder to capture it in a photograph and especially realism that isn’t composed of something sad or depressing, which, as you’ll find looking through his photography, Roger Mayne is really quite good at.

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State of Mind, Empire


I’ve been exploring a lot of new photographers lately (I love photography so much,) because I read every single post of Tara Violet Niami’s Tumblr. I stumbled upon wonderful things on my journey (personal posts that made me bawl, lovely photos) and videos. One of the videos I saw was by Jacqueline Harriet Grossbard (or Jacqueline Harriet, as she’s called on Flickr, blog, and her Tumblr.) While her photography is really beautiful (this is one of my favorites,) her videos were the things that got me on a personal level. She’s really good at capturing moments, something that is completely underrated and needs to be recognized more:

In bigger formatting.

I am pretty damn sure that tears came to my eyes when I saw this. The song is amazing–I did a little research on the band and they will definitely get a “song of the month” spot at some point this year (it’s called Friend Crush by the band Friends, who are from Brooklyn. They just released their first album, Manifesto! Much to my unhappiness, Pitchfork gave it a 5.2 but I think that this song is a perfect 10.)

Despite that, I loved it because I guess it sort of embodied what I expect youth to be about–just hanging out with lots of new people and having a great time. I know our society loves youth, but they love a certain idea of it–being skinny and pretty and getting trashed but not too trashed, etc.) whereas I think this video expressing more of what it really means–exploring new places and new things and getting to know yourself and the people around you. It makes me excited. I’m pretty sure I’ll watch it everyday for the next 3 years.

The other one that struck a similar cord with me:

In bigger format.

I love the music of this one too, but my favorite thing was that I could relate to it. Because I often travel from Los Angeles (though she’s from Sacramento, but shh) to New York and vice versa, I feel sort of conflicted as to where I’m supposed to be (maybe I’ll be a wimpy cop-out and choose the midwest) and I think she captured the essence of both places really well (obviously it’s a very personal project, but it correlates with my life a lot.) On the east coast I always feel I am experiencing new places and new things and even new people, because I don’t know my family members there very well and I always learn a little more about them (despite the fact that my entire family lives there and only my immediate family resides in California) whereas L.A. is my comfort zone with familiar people and a slightly more laid-back lifestyle. The idea of going to school on the east coast is appealing but it simultaneously makes me want to vomit because guess where all the private school kids sick of California lyfe go? NYU and Columbia and Yale. I might just stick around here for a while.


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These pictures collectively represent what I’d like my teenage life to be like rather than what it actually is. It sounds rather idiotic, but on a personal level, these inspire me and they do not represent me, which is what I like about them. I really love Joseph Szabo’s photography in general and I think that he captures the essence of what I mean when I say “teenagerdom” because it’s all very light hearted and full of laughter and friends. Other internet users, who are teenagers themselves, embody this idea that I have constantly and I felt that I need a place to have all of those thoughts manifest themselves.

Moon Brains, Billie, Esther Bubley, Joseph Szabo, Amelia, Petra Collins, Joseph Szabo, Summer Camp

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Ooh wow, look at my ~creepy~ title–I’m sure you’re all significantly spooked and totally not wondering what sort of mediocre indie band I’m paraphrasing or life story I’m referring to. You’ll find that in the following pictures, my title will be completely justified.

Amber Ortolano  is a fifteen-year-old photographer living in New York (state.) She makes beautiful pictures using all sorts of materials and is really, really talented (at least in my humble opinion.) People like Katieeleanor, who I consider to be relatively “Flickr Famous” like her work too, such as this video, which will give you a taste as to why I chose this cliche title:

Video via her flickr. All photos via her blog. She has a flickr, vimeo, and shuttermade as well as a facebook fan page and a shop.

As someone who dislikes fantasy books in general, art like this makes me really enthusiastic about the concept of fantasy and things that are mysterious and undefinable. I love photography that isn’t about fantasy too, people taking pictures of their friends and family members and real things going on, but an escape is nice and if someone can create art out of it, it’s really something (at least to me.) The way she incorporates herself into the image and how she can obscure herself or put herself right in front of the camera is extremely intriguing. I highly recommend watching all of her videos because they’re all beautiful and looking at all of her pictures for the same reason.

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Friday Nights

This is going to sound bad to some people (or maybe you don’t give a shit, I honestly don’t know) but I love pictures of parties. Parties where people get drunk and laugh and eat too much and throw up. I really like Olivia Bee’s photography and obviously she takes a variety of pictures, but my favorites are the ones of house parties and concerts. I guess this just ups my cliche ante but I can’t get enough of them. And, because it’s Friday night (and I’m at home on the internet of course, hearing people below my apartment building laughing), I figured it’d be time for a good old party/photography appreciation post.

So, the 18 year old from Portland, Olivia Bee (mentioned above) took this of her friend Elyse (I sound like such a stalker but I feel like I’m not the only one who knows her name) at her birthday party from this post.

This was taken by the girl behind this tumblr. I really like this picture and it totally reminds me of the cover of Vampire Weekend’s first album! That’s what I thought when I first saw it.

That’s Lindsey Wixson at a Lanvin after party. I liked the picture because she doesn’t look like she’s posing which is basically the whole point of pictures taken at parties. Plus, models always look like they’re posing. I got it through here, which is a Tumblr by Rie Sacai. He took the picture (I think.)

Here she is at the same party, looking more posed. I still love it though, especially the people in the background.

This is the photographer Laurence Philomene taken by the photographer Lauren Poor. Epic as hell.

I don’t know the photographer; it’s from here.

I don’t know who the photographer is but OH MY LORD I love her hair.

I couldn’t forget to include Celia Edell by her boyfriend Tyler in Chicago.

From this blog (originally from We Heart It lol)

And another last one by Olivia Bee from this post.

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