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Good Music (III)

Okay, I know–the last two months I’ve posted pretty obscure bands and I guess that this is still considered indie, but let’s face it—Marina and the Diamonds have gotten big, and that’s for a reason. Besides the fact that she’s totally re cultivated her image from dark haired angst maker to blonde housewife heart breaker (ya see what I did there,) Marina Diamandis’ new album is a complete break from all the other pop shit I won’t ever get tired of referencing or ranting about when I write about music. While the other big hits she’s made from her new album, “Electra Heart” are great (see: Primadonna and Valley of the Dolls,) “Sex Yeah” has become my personal favorite because it’s political. Rather than just being a regular pop star (which she never has been,) she chooses to satire it, hence her desire for big diamond rings and high-pitched choruses that sound like Cassie from the UK’s skins breathing in helium to no end. Her ideas of sex in this track are basically what everyone is saying in feminist documentaries about the media targeting girls with a kick ass chorus. Take a listen.


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Good Music (II)

As you know, good music is when I simply post a good music video once a month that you should probably watch for your own good:

So you thought Grimes couldn’t get any cooler? Well, she can’t individually (lol duh) but with her new L$D group with Tragik, Kreayshawn, and Blood Diamonds, we are all dying and wondering if awesome is a genetic and where the hell to trace it.

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Good Music

Like Kill Everbody and Week in Review, Good Music (have you noticed my titles are super legit and never uncreative and pointless at all?) is a segment in which I will post a good music video, write a short summary of why it’s awesome, and then leave you all to it. Sound good? Good.

Purity Ring’s debut is coming out in July, and I’m so excited. I’ve been getting more and more into electronica lately (Grimes, Austra) and Purity Ring will be a band I will gladly add to my iPod’s cover flow. I can’t wait!!

I’m a bad music writer, but it’s just…it’s so good.

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