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Miscellaneous Thoughts

Triple post night before I stay up all night reading “Just Kids” (yes, I’m reading it again, I like it THAT much.)

1. I will be doing a post on Twin Peaks soon. I’ve been watching all the episodes and I think it’s a pretty weird show. Actually, scratch that, really fucking weird. I like it though–I think David Lynch has a weird head on his shoulders, but at least it’s prolific. And I’m going to do at least one Polyvore post (which I will paste in.)

All photos via my blog.

2. Also an upcoming post on Sophie Kinsella’s novels I AM SORRY I LIKE HER BOOKS I KNOW IT’S NOT GOOD LITERATURE I AM AWARE but JUST LOOK COME ON:


3. Also going to write a post about Louise Rennison. Guys. Do you even GET THE SIGNIFICANCE of Louise Rennison’s novels? If I forget them when I leave for university I will turn around and go back to get them. They mean everything. They are everything.

4. I don’t care about the olympics because I already go to school with a bunch of worldly people who are more attractive and more athletic than I am, I don’t need to see it on television, in addition–sitting on a couch and watching the olympics is just too ironic to exist and I can’t do it even though I’m a fat potato. So I’m not writing a post on it. Ever.

5. I was privileged to know about the band “friends” this week, in the first video below by Jacqueline Harriet (it’s their song, “friend crush”) and I thought I’d share the official video with you:


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Well, I guess it’s time to cut to the chase–I can’t post during finals week. It’s too much shit to do and worry about, so hopefully you’ll all forgive me after my consistency.

If I had a choice, I would murder all my teachers but unfortunately the law applies to me so no.

Hope you have a happy two weeks!! 🙂

I’ll be posting a lot in the summer though, have no fear.

With that, I will leave you with Beach House:

My face during finals week, courtesy of Lena Dunham:

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