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I saw Fish Tank a while ago and I think it’s one of my favorite films.

I’d already heard a lot about it via people on Tumblr and Rotten Tomatoes, so I sort of had an idea of what it was going to be like. One person (I don’t know who) on the internet said it was a “mix of Precious and An Education“which I think is somewhat accurate, although it’s way closer to Precious¬†in my opinion. I really think it annihilated this childish view many people may have of England, like everyone is posh and educated and wealthy (???) which a) makes no sense and b) we still continue to embrace it. British characters are often portrayed in ways that make them seem more ostentatious, pretentious, and snobby than Americans or Canadians or whoever in American films. But Fish Tank is essentially the projects in a shitty part of London, with lots of poverty and drinking at the center. I don’t know why people have a hard idea believing that really bad parts of England exist just the way there are really bad parts of America, but here it is for you.

Andrea Arnold directed it, and although I haven’t seen anything else she’s worked on/etc. I really think she did a fantastic job of capturing the little things, like the horse tied up and the way that Michael Fassbender acts, which is sly and attractive at first, and then slowly but surely becomes more and more…weird. Generally speaking, in realistic fiction, you have to make sure that little details are taken care of because there aren’t fire breathing dragons or any of that to get people drawn in.

Bad dancing for the win.

Michael Fassbender being sinful and attractive.

To be honest, I think this was a great film cover (for the DVD or whatever) because I guess to some people it might look over dramatic (she’s, like, a girl staring ahead in the distance) with clouds circling around her but it’s capturing the high point of the film, when all the tension is building and you just say “shit.”

Photos via my tumblr.

I also thought that Katie Jarvis was fantastic. She had never acted before and was scouted at a train station as she was arguing with her boyfriend. While it seems like it’d be a crazy idea to just pick up any random person who seemed to scream well (I’m assuming,) this was obviously not a mistake and personally, I think, one of the best parts of the film. She plays into the role of Mia really really well, with her body language and bad dancing and her obvious intelligence combined with her being naive about a lot of things, even after growing up in such a bad environment (her younger sister Tyler, smokes and curses at seven just as much as Mia does at fifteen.) I also liked how the end (not going to spoil anything!) was realistic (you can expect that it won’t be happy from the beginning.) And while a lot of times in films when these things happen, the characters undergo an obvious or even drastic change, that didn’t really happen here. To an extent the characters did, but it was more sort of for the audience to decide because the shock of what happened (again, so spoilers!) built at the end and really seemed to shake everyone up.

Also (and I don’t know why I haven’t before) but Talia’s blog is absolutely amazing! She is so articulate and when she talks about films, you can tell she really understands them. I feel like I never get them half the time. If I were you, I’d check out her blog after watching a movie so you can get her perspective–it’s definitely worth your time. All of her stuff on Fish Tank is so helpful.


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City Slicker

I’m aware that I haven’t posted as much fashion lately but that’s because A) I haven’t finished twin peaks and B) I just keep thinking of other things (??) for some reason. I’ll definitely try to post something more fashion-oriented soon, as I really enjoy making polyvore sets.

Anyway, for a long time I’ve had an obsession with different locations–not just cities, but suburbs and small towns too. When I was younger, I used to go to see my family in Vermont during the summer. If you know anything about airports/planes, you’ll know that there aren’t any non-stop flights from the west coast to Burlington (the biggest city there) or anywhere in New Hampshire either besides Manchester. Because of this, I would often land in Boston and then endure long drives, usually lasting for about 5 hours, in order to get to Vermont. The point of my telling you this is not because I want to enlighten you on my obviously fabulous life (so fabulous,) but because I used to pass through towns all over–the towns in New England were sort of quaint and had lots of American flags and green everywhere. I liked it a lot and when I was about 11, I started having obsessions with particular places, like England (at first London, then the southern countryside,) and after that Portland (Portlandia, among many other things,) Seattle (a friend from camp lived there,) San Francisco, Boston, and finally and currently, Chicago. The worst part of all of this is that I just gaze at touristy pictures of these cities/areas online–I’ve never been to any of them, save a few drives through Boston after landing there as I previously mentioned and a couple of weekend trips to San Francisco.

Portland (Oregon)

Chicago a year ago, during a thunderstorm.

San Francisco

Fall Road. Gilmanton, N.H

Seattle on the fourth of July

Boston, North End

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Good Music (IV)

Hola and sorry for the lack of posting. The summer is drawing to an end and although I have accomplished a few good things (reading, volunteer work, exercise,) school is beginning soon enough so I might be forced to post in spurts when I’m not busy.

I’m already a self-proclaimed Austra fangirl but their new video is really good because it’s a preview of their next album (which is exciting.)

Getting excited. Arcade Fire is having a new album come out in 2013 too and that’s just as exciting. It seems like they’ve hit everything, I wonder what they’ll do next.

And I said “exciting” wayyyy too many times.

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Guys, I am pretty sure I have encountered a revelation…

Rumours is on Youtube! You can just listen to the whole damn thing without paying a cent and then download it illegally wait what are you talking about?? It’s actually pretty cool to me that music is so accessible nowadays and I really like this album.

And just as good, they have David Bowie’s “best of” album to boot!

I think if you’re already a Bowie enthusiast, then this is ridiculous because you probably like his individual legit albums, but if you want a taste of his music then this is the place.

Plus I found The Velvet Underground and Nico (and I really like that album):

Nico’s voice is so lovely and peculiar. I think I’m going to write a separate post on The Velvet Underground just so I can collect my thoughts.

As a side note: If you ever want free music, I’d recommend going to your local library and checking out the CD section and then downloading the CD’s onto your iTunes. Nobody can ever find out and it’s actually a pretty sneaky way of getting things done without technically breaking the law.

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Autumn’s Point (shitty titles 2k12) (a series by Abby)

I haven’t written much abut Autumn, who has a wonderful blog and is much more cultured than I think I will ever be. She recently wrote this post that I just want to agree with because it’s worth talking about.

I think that what Autumn said is all completely correct. I think our culture likes to see girls hate each other, especially and most importantly over idiotic things, like boys or things that they like to deem trivial like hair or makeup or clothes, because it just backs up this whole “girls are catty and bitchy” stereotype that both men and women embrace. In fact, I think I’ve even met more women who embrace this idea too (a lot of men just don’t seem to think about it.) The amount of times I have heard girls and even women saying that “girls suck because they’re catty” and “boys are just so much more loyal to each other” is ridiculous. I used to say things like that (but of course, I was about 10 and thought that if someone with HIV touched a door knob and I touched the same one, I would get it too.)
The problem with these attitudes is that they split us apart. They aren’t helpful for us because it’s unhealthy to hate someone and it usually has something to do with bad self-esteem. The more we hate, the more flaws we can find in other people. But that translates to how we view ourselves, and in this world, being under-confident as a woman is pretty much an epidemic. Rarely do I meet people who seem comfortable with themselves before they’re 30.
In addition, we are depriving ourselves of meeting and liking the presence of others if we just call everyone a terrible bitch when we don’t even know them. It’s always good to meet and speak to new people and with this idea in our head, we really can’t. At least, I found it hard to when I actively hated on girls (but denied it to myself all the time.) I try harder to see the girls I disliked for whatever reason as potential friends or cool people to admire, not enemies or bitches just because they’re skinnier or more intelligent than me. And that’s another thing–when I didn’t see people as skinnier or more intelligent than me, I wouldn’t see them as a threat or someone to aspire to be, and therefore I wouldn’t hate them. In retrospect, it’s all very disgusting and counter-productive because either way, I was being judgmental to myself and to other people for being too perfect or not perfect enough.

Rookie had this amazing article on girl hate. I realized that pretty much all I do is reference Rookie and it’s terrible but they pretty much have an article on everything, and considering it’s almost their year-long anniversary, that makes sense.


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Honestly, let’s pretend titles don’t exist.

I’m really happy about how many posts I did in July. Considering what happened with my grandmother getting carbon monoxide poisoning at the beginning of the month, I was super worried that I wouldn’t be able to do a post every day (which I didn’t, but I got close.) I was going to do one every day in May and June but of course finals prevented that from working out since preparation starts in May and goes through June. Anyway.

Stealing Sheep is kind of my latest obsession. I’d heard about them a while ago because of Tavi Gevinson and how she’d make music videos to their songs. After recently hearing one of their new songs, “Genevieve,” I decided I would listen to some more of their music. My personal favorite right now is “Shut Eye” because the chorus is insane. I suppose you don’t expect it to be so loud after a more quiet beginning but it’s really refreshing.

And then of course there’s “Genevieve.” I hate to use the word, but it’s a little more mainstream than some of their other songs because it’s more pop-oriented. Regardless, I still enjoy it a lot and I think it still feels new to me.

Another one of my favorites is Noah’s Days:

Sorry for the slew of music videos. I just figure that when I share a band, I don’t want to be all “LIKE IT LIKE LIKE IT” and simply introduce people to it in a more accessible way and let them decide.

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Passive Aggressive Signs

I like letters strung together and I have seen multiple images of them lately. This will be a vague post but I think they’re humorous and good for college dorms and inspiration.

Here, Here, Here.

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