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These pictures collectively represent what I’d like my teenage life to be like rather than what it actually is. It sounds rather idiotic, but on a personal level, these inspire me and they do not represent me, which is what I like about them. I really love Joseph Szabo’s photography in general and I think that he captures the essence of what I mean when I say “teenagerdom” because it’s all very light hearted and full of laughter and friends. Other internet users, who are teenagers themselves, embody this idea that I have constantly and I felt that I need a place to have all of those thoughts manifest themselves.

Moon Brains, Billie, Esther Bubley, Joseph Szabo, Amelia, Petra Collins, Joseph Szabo, Summer Camp


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Good Music (II)

As you know, good music is when I simply post a good music video once a month that you should probably watch for your own good:

So you thought Grimes couldn’t get any cooler? Well, she can’t individually (lol duh) but with her new L$D group with Tragik, Kreayshawn, and Blood Diamonds, we are all dying and wondering if awesome is a genetic and where the hell to trace it.

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Well, I guess it’s time to cut to the chase–I can’t post during finals week. It’s too much shit to do and worry about, so hopefully you’ll all forgive me after my consistency.

If I had a choice, I would murder all my teachers but unfortunately the law applies to me so no.

Hope you have a happy two weeks!! 🙂

I’ll be posting a lot in the summer though, have no fear.

With that, I will leave you with Beach House:

My face during finals week, courtesy of Lena Dunham:

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Hi everyone!

I’m having a busy week filled with a dinner, an interview, and more school work than anyone could ever need, so I’m doing a triple post to make up for today and the other day that I missed blogging over the weekend sometime.

Thanks and have a great night!


So my teachers are crazy and I am really disliking everyone and everything right now; disregarding that, I won’t be able to post for the rest of the working week so I will do 7 posts on Saturday.

You give so many damns!

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Lampshades (part 3 of 7)

It’s a double post day!!

Is it bad that I guess I feel kind of disappointed with this one? I like how the dress adheres to more of a casual yet simultaneously interesting aesthetic, but I guess the dress pattern bores me because her first collection’s were really intriguing. I have to say, the shoes are killer, kind of McQueen-esque but not at the same time because McQueen would never make shoes like that.

See, but just when we think it’s getting tedious, BAM! I MEAN TAKE A GANDER AT THIS THING. This particular pattern, with the intricate colors and shapes, is seen more in her later stuff which is why I like it so much. The shoes are also extremely charming and what is that bracelet? A snake?

And it gets better…

The contrast of the different materials is interesting and it still comes together as one dress! Plus, need I mention the shoes? I’m telling you guys, Mary Katrantzou is the shit.

This one reminds me more of her last collection, whereas the others remind me more of her future ones. This collection is very much a fashion limbo.

That coat makes me want to throw up. It is too good. And the patterns…it is like chocolate dipped bacon. That’s how great it is.

I like how the top is super intricate but the skirt is more minimalistic, both of which are balanced out by the shoes, which are somewhere in between.

In other news, holy shit I want that.

The ruffles make her look like an exotic bird.

I like this one, I think it’s a little less dark than the others. Also, spring time vibes. Just saying. I could see wearing the last one to work, it’s so pretty.

All photos courtesy of

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Lampshades (part 2 of 7)

Now that we’re on the second collection, I’d just like to point out that if you didn’t know much about Mary Katrantzou before, you are missing out.

There we are, doing the black eye makeup again. I always route for the raccoons.

This is probably my favorite look from the collection because I feel like it’s one of the few designer things that I could see myself wearing all the time (If I had killer legs, which is a different story all together that involves a lot of Oreos and crying.)

I think I liked the patterns in her first collection more because they were so interesting looking, whereas these have been done a lot (even more this show.)

Ruffle details are always welcome, but of course now they look dated (because this collection was in 2010.)

At the end of this post, I was about to write “I’m really excited for the others because this one bored me” but never mind, I don’t know how this could be boring WHEN THAT EXISTS somebody hold me back. Taking ruffles to another extreme.

Also I can’t help fangirling over this one because it reminds me more of her first collection, which I love a lot. The bangles are a really great accessory since the rest of the outfit is very narrow and sucked in.I sound really hipster right now, but if I were a designer, I’d make the whole thing nebula themed, which of course would be too much like Christopher Kane’s resort 2011 collection. The style would go well with it though.

I know the similarities aren’t that apparent, but if you look closely, both of them hit just above the knee and are tight. Both models are also wearing strappy shoes. Don’t worry though, I’ll do a separate on Christopher Kane resort 2011.

I still like the first collection better, because at the beginning this one felt more mundane.

All photos courtesy of

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Lampshades (part 1 of 7)

I hear this comparison a lot to Mary Katrantzou’s clothing so that’s my justification for the title.

From her first collection. Digging the eye makeup (raccoon eyes are not a problem for me, if you’ll recall (Rodarte) and this is even better. The actual dress itself reminds me of a modern art piece–simplistic and minimal but with a lot of meaning (most vague description ever.)

Not too hard on the eyes, it kind of reminds of one of Givenchy’s more recent collections with the jewel like details:

(Spring 2011, I thought that that even though the other collection is more spring oriented, the style of the art and the narrow skirts were similar.)

I mean, even though it’s only her first collection I think it’s pretty damn legit. The graphics on the clothes are really consistent and it has a really unique tone. Of course, her other collections are more interesting to look at since she’s changed so much but these are also great; after all, she had to start somewhere, might as well be good.

A look from her latest collection–really different from the first one, but the skirt is still narrow and I can still see the same types of patterns on the dress (like jewelery.)

All photos courtesy of Style and


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