I am really obsessed with Natalie Kucken‘s photography right now. She takes the most beautiful photos, and they look very Sofia Coppola-esque film to me. I like looking at all of them, but she updates her tumblr a lot and a I have a Tumblr so it’s easy to get updated that way (trust me, you’ll want to.) These are some of my favorite ones–personally, I like the photos she tags as “diary” because they’re personal. The thing I find so fascinating about her is that she just packed up from her home after graduating high school and moved to New York. She’d worked during all of high school so that’s where she got some of her money, but I find that inspiring. It’s really not the same thing as going to university. When you go there, you look back. You look back on winter break, during spring break, during the summer, you’re always seeing what was (even though you’re simultaneously seeing what will be.) Anyone who has the guts to just pack up and leave is pretty driven.

“My bedroom”

More diary photos.

Lissy elle

She always takes photos that are really faded, which I think help the whole Sofia Coppola vibe. It also adds an air of mystery (at least to me) even though they’re pictures of everyday life.

metin’s roof on 19th street

This is one of my absolute favorites (though I’m pretty obsessed with all of them.)

From “me-being-creepy-in-crowds diary photos”

view from my new bedroom window

I don’t want to repost all of her work, but you can definitely some more of her photos on her Tumblr,website,and on her blog.


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