City Slicker

I’m aware that I haven’t posted as much fashion lately but that’s because A) I haven’t finished twin peaks and B) I just keep thinking of other things (??) for some reason. I’ll definitely try to post something more fashion-oriented soon, as I really enjoy making polyvore sets.

Anyway, for a long time I’ve had an obsession with different locations–not just cities, but suburbs and small towns too. When I was younger, I used to go to see my family in Vermont during the summer. If you know anything about airports/planes, you’ll know that there aren’t any non-stop flights from the west coast to Burlington (the biggest city there) or anywhere in New Hampshire either besides Manchester. Because of this, I would often land in Boston and then endure long drives, usually lasting for about 5 hours, in order to get to Vermont. The point of my telling you this is not because I want to enlighten you on my obviously fabulous life (so fabulous,) but because I used to pass through towns all over–the towns in New England were sort of quaint and had lots of American flags and green everywhere. I liked it a lot and when I was about 11, I started having obsessions with particular places, like England (at first London, then the southern countryside,) and after that Portland (Portlandia, among many other things,) Seattle (a friend from camp lived there,) San Francisco, Boston, and finally and currently, Chicago. The worst part of all of this is that I just gaze at touristy pictures of these cities/areas online–I’ve never been to any of them, save a few drives through Boston after landing there as I previously mentioned and a couple of weekend trips to San Francisco.

Portland (Oregon)

Chicago a year ago, during a thunderstorm.

San Francisco

Fall Road. Gilmanton, N.H

Seattle on the fourth of July

Boston, North End

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