Guys, I am pretty sure I have encountered a revelation…

Rumours is on Youtube! You can just listen to the whole damn thing without paying a cent and then download it illegally wait what are you talking about?? It’s actually pretty cool to me that music is so accessible nowadays and I really like this album.

And just as good, they have David Bowie’s “best of” album to boot!

I think if you’re already a Bowie enthusiast, then this is ridiculous because you probably like his individual legit albums, but if you want a taste of his music then this is the place.

Plus I found The Velvet Underground and Nico (and I really like that album):

Nico’s voice is so lovely and peculiar. I think I’m going to write a separate post on The Velvet Underground just so I can collect my thoughts.

As a side note: If you ever want free music, I’d recommend going to your local library and checking out the CD section and then downloading the CD’s onto your iTunes. Nobody can ever find out and it’s actually a pretty sneaky way of getting things done without technically breaking the law.


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