Honestly, let’s pretend titles don’t exist.

I’m really happy about how many posts I did in July. Considering what happened with my grandmother getting carbon monoxide poisoning at the beginning of the month, I was super worried that I wouldn’t be able to do a post every day (which I didn’t, but I got close.) I was going to do one every day in May and June but of course finals prevented that from working out since preparation starts in May and goes through June. Anyway.

Stealing Sheep is kind of my latest obsession. I’d heard about them a while ago because of Tavi Gevinson and how she’d make music videos to their songs. After recently hearing one of their new songs, “Genevieve,” I decided I would listen to some more of their music. My personal favorite right now is “Shut Eye” because the chorus is insane. I suppose you don’t expect it to be so loud after a more quiet beginning but it’s really refreshing.

And then of course there’s “Genevieve.” I hate to use the word, but it’s a little more mainstream than some of their other songs because it’s more pop-oriented. Regardless, I still enjoy it a lot and I think it still feels new to me.

Another one of my favorites is Noah’s Days:

Sorry for the slew of music videos. I just figure that when I share a band, I don’t want to be all “LIKE IT LIKE LIKE IT” and simply introduce people to it in a more accessible way and let them decide.


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