Tweet, tweet

I’ve had my twitter for a while now and there are definitely some people that I’ve followed who are pretty hilarious or insightful (or both, usually.) A few of my most recent favorite tweets:

1. Amy Rose Spiegel@AmyRosary

This past weekend I led twenty people, all holding hands and calling me “Amy Rose Jones,” into a river at five AM. #culthappenings

After watching way too many documentaries on Jim Jones, I sort of died laughing.

2. Jennifer L. Pozner@jennpozner

If a boyfriend dared to ask my father’s permission before he proposed to me, that would be the clearest sign that I could never marry him.

I found Jennifer Pozner’s twitter after watching Miss Representation. I’m glad I did.

3. olivia bee@oliviab33

fuck it i love lana del rey

Someone as cool as Olivia Bee (who’s a photographer and who listens to bands like Starfucker and Wampire among others) liking Lana Del Rey makes me like her more. And also, what’s not to like??

4. Hannah Johnson@hannahejo

Whenever people tell me they’ve “tried” watching Mad Men and “couldn’t get into it” I am like “wow who cares go away why are you talking?”

I relate to Hannah’s tweets a lot and this is no different. I probably reread it a good five times because I’ve seen every episode of Mad Men and have no regrets in doing so.

5. Gabby Noone@twelveoclocke

any pizza can be a personal pizza if you believe in yourself

In case I haven’t mentioned it already, Gabby is hilarious and I check her Twitter every day because I feel like missing something would be comedic deprivation and that is just not good.


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