Mayne Man (shitty titles 2k12)

As I’ve mentioned multiple times, I’ve been delving more and more into photography over the last year or so (i.e. when I started using the internet regularly and not just for school work.) One of my latest favorites (among many others) has been Roger Mayne, a British photographer who took photos of London and other places around the world in the 60’s.

“Girls Chatting, Islington, 1963”

“Southam Street, North Kensington, London” (1957)

“Girls jiving, richmond jazz festival 1969”

“Children by a Doorway, Dublin, 1957”

The thing I like most about all of this photography is that it’s completely in the moment. A second later, half of these pictures would turn out completely different. They aren’t posed (or so a lot of them aren’t) and I think it’s a talent to be able to capture the moment–someone laughing or looking happy or sad or what have you.

Another thing I enjoy about his photographs is that there’s nothing embellished about them–obviously there was no Photoshop when these were taken, but a lot aren’t posed, and they’re not glamorous at all, yet they still have a quality that draws you in and makes you want to be there.

I used to hate myself for liking realistic subjects (yeah, let’s steer away from great photography and talk about me, because that’s how relevant I am) since everyone else seemed to love Harry Potter and fantastical books and films. I still enjoy those things (not Harry Potter specifically) but Lula and fashion photography, which are obviously very embellished or ostentatious types of art. Despite this, I still favor realism because I  think it’s harder to capture it in a photograph and especially realism that isn’t composed of something sad or depressing, which, as you’ll find looking through his photography, Roger Mayne is really quite good at.


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