I haven’t gotten Lula’s new issue because I really don’t want anybody to go bankrupt as a result of my addiction to magazines.

Lula by Zandra Thorsson on Flickr.

I just read that there was an interview featuring Tavi Gevinson. I’ve pretty much read and watched all of her interviews but she always has something really interesting to say and I’d hate to miss out. I wonder what band they interviewed. When they interviewed Warpaint I was so excited because I love them to bits.

‘I will wait for you there’, photography by Damon Heath and styling by Leith Clark:

There’s also this really great editorial that emulates all the summer vibes I’ve been thinking about lately even as summer is ending and I will go back to dying very very soon.

Cara Delevingne by Annabel Mehran for Lula #14 (Spring/Summer 2012). As much as I hate picking “model favorites,” Cara Delevingne is definitely one of them and it’s exciting to finally see her in a Lula editorial.


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