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So basically I know I’ve talked a lot about sites on my blog (Rookie, Worn, xoJane, Into the Gloss, etc.) but one of my favorites is Style Like U, which is a site that delves into personal style (are you surprised?) The premise seems sort of boring, until you look through the archives and realize really famous and awesome people get interviewed in their kitsch apartments AND THEY HAVE IT ALL ON VIDEO. They interviewed Tavi Gevinson recently, and I flipped a few shits. I watched the video multiple times, which I felt was completely justified. And it’s not even people as famous as Tavi or Jane Aldridge or Elizabeth Spiridakis that make you keep getting updates (not like they hurt,) because if you look through any random tag (New York City, teens, tattoos, etc.) you can find some really rad people you have never heard of. One of my personal favorites is Kay Kasparhauser Goldberg:

I know it’s an old interview but I can’t resist replaying it. She’s just so wonderfully weird and peculiar and I can’t seem to get over it. The things that inspire the other people they interview are always nice things, like x designer or “nature” or “art” but she says “when your fingers get dyed blue from blueberries and chimney sweeps.” And it’s not even like she’s trying to be a poser or something, it’s completely genuine.

Elle Dee was another one of my favorites because of how free-spirited she sounded. I also thought it was awesome that she was willing to embrace getting older. So many people can’t see the beauty in that since we’re part of such a youth-obsessed culture. It was cool to see an interview with someone who was obviously young and talented but who has an appreciation for life. That’s the thing about this site–you think you’ll come out with just some clothing inspiration but I always feel like I get so much more inspired by their life ideas rather than what they wear (maybe I’m missing the point though.)

This will sound bad of me, but I wasn’t really into Leslie Arfin‘s clothes a lot…I suppose I found that they were boring because it was more just “jeans and a jacket” or “heels and a pair of socks” but I loved the interview because she’s absolutely hilarious and I think that after watching Girls, it completely makes sense that someone like her is the writer. She has a very natural sense of humor (which is why I watched the interview twice.)


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