Confessions of Georgia Nicolson And Why I Love It With Superflous Caps

I learned more useful words here than in my weekly vocab quizzes.

There are a lot of times when being a teenage girl (or just a teenager in general) really seems to suck. Maybe you have too many tests or your friend hates you or you had 730 too many Cheetos. Maybe you’ve just had a bad day (and listening to that early 2000’s song is not going to help you with it.) In times like these, I turn to my fictional friends; but not just ANY fictional friends (I’m sure we all have a lot, and no, my doctor does not tell me I should take meds quite yet), but Georgia, Jools, Ellen, Jas, Mabs, Rosie—the Ace Gang.

While other books have bad asses like Hermoine and Katniss, Louise Rennison made Georgia, a chick who lives in the suburbs, has to deal with her overbearing parents, and goes to a school with uniforms. She screws up her eye brows, experiments with makeup, eats chips (or fries as people from Hamburger-a-gogo land call it), and does things that I think we all do (and are just sometimes too ashamed to admit.) While I obviously don’t have any PROBLEMS with people like Hermoine and Katniss, it’s nice to read about someone who’s somewhat relatable and also has her own group of friends with distinct personalities. I use to read these in middle school in English class, and it would take every cell inside me not to burst out laughing all the time. Be warned; if you’re reading these in a public place, you must realize you will laugh constantly and hard. Not just harmless giggles, but snorting, tear-jerking, gasping-for-breath laughter.

Georgia not only pays to have lessons for her first kiss and dresses up as an olive to go to a costume party, but she also has created her own set of vocabulary that I think we all find useful. Italy is Pizza-agogo-land, red bottomosity is jealousy, froggie is French (which other people might use), and boy entrancers are false eye lashes, which, at one point, glue her eyes shut. Although Georgia deals with a lot of boy problems (ahem, Masimo, Dave, Robbie) my favorite parts are when she’s just hanging out with her friends and drawing on her face before their yearbook pictures.

My personal favorite Georgia Nicolson cover.

As I mentioned, I read these in middle school. What is good about middle school? Nothing. And these made it better. Acne breakout? Georgia got spots. My eyebrows looked gross? At least I didn’t shave them off. And when I just wanted to laugh, she was always there too. There really was never a time in which Georgia did not help me in some way. I wished for days that she was real, that somewhere across the pond there was a girl just like her. But alas, Louise Rennison created her character (based on herself a bit) which means that I consider her to be a MASTER GENIUS.

In the first book, there’s even a guide to forming your own Ace Gang (Girl Gang.) Although Jas (Georgia’s best friend) and Georgia have their Nervy B’s (to use Georgia’s terminology,) they always remain true friends through thick and thin. Because of all of this girl love (which I think there is an abundance of), Louise Rennison makes you enjoy and appreciate being a teenage girl just the way Beyonce makes you appreciate your being or becoming a woman; it’s crappy sometimes, sure, but in the end, it’s all worth it.


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