Miscellaneous Thoughts

Triple post night before I stay up all night reading “Just Kids” (yes, I’m reading it again, I like it THAT much.)

1. I will be doing a post on Twin Peaks soon. I’ve been watching all the episodes and I think it’s a pretty weird show. Actually, scratch that, really fucking weird. I like it though–I think David Lynch has a weird head on his shoulders, but at least it’s prolific. And I’m going to do at least one Polyvore post (which I will paste in.)

All photos via my blog.

2. Also an upcoming post on Sophie Kinsella’s novels I AM SORRY I LIKE HER BOOKS I KNOW IT’S NOT GOOD LITERATURE I AM AWARE but JUST LOOK COME ON:


3. Also going to write a post about Louise Rennison. Guys. Do you even GET THE SIGNIFICANCE of Louise Rennison’s novels? If I forget them when I leave for university I will turn around and go back to get them. They mean everything. They are everything.

4. I don’t care about the olympics because I already go to school with a bunch of worldly people who are more attractive and more athletic than I am, I don’t need to see it on television, in addition–sitting on a couch and watching the olympics is just too ironic to exist and I can’t do it even though I’m a fat potato. So I’m not writing a post on it. Ever.

5. I was privileged to know about the band “friends” this week, in the first video below by Jacqueline Harriet (it’s their song, “friend crush”) and I thought I’d share the official video with you:


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