State of Mind, Empire


I’ve been exploring a lot of new photographers lately (I love photography so much,) because I read every single post of Tara Violet Niami’s Tumblr. I stumbled upon wonderful things on my journey (personal posts that made me bawl, lovely photos) and videos. One of the videos I saw was by Jacqueline Harriet Grossbard (or Jacqueline Harriet, as she’s called on Flickr, blog, and her Tumblr.) While her photography is really beautiful (this is one of my favorites,) her videos were the things that got me on a personal level. She’s really good at capturing moments, something that is completely underrated and needs to be recognized more:

In bigger formatting.

I am pretty damn sure that tears came to my eyes when I saw this. The song is amazing–I did a little research on the band and they will definitely get a “song of the month” spot at some point this year (it’s called Friend Crush by the band Friends, who are from Brooklyn. They just released their first album, Manifesto! Much to my unhappiness, Pitchfork gave it a 5.2 but I think that this song is a perfect 10.)

Despite that, I loved it because I guess it sort of embodied what I expect youth to be about–just hanging out with lots of new people and having a great time. I know our society loves youth, but they love a certain idea of it–being skinny and pretty and getting trashed but not too trashed, etc.) whereas I think this video expressing more of what it really means–exploring new places and new things and getting to know yourself and the people around you. It makes me excited. I’m pretty sure I’ll watch it everyday for the next 3 years.

The other one that struck a similar cord with me:

In bigger format.

I love the music of this one too, but my favorite thing was that I could relate to it. Because I often travel from Los Angeles (though she’s from Sacramento, but shh) to New York and vice versa, I feel sort of conflicted as to where I’m supposed to be (maybe I’ll be a wimpy cop-out and choose the midwest) and I think she captured the essence of both places really well (obviously it’s a very personal project, but it correlates with my life a lot.) On the east coast I always feel I am experiencing new places and new things and even new people, because I don’t know my family members there very well and I always learn a little more about them (despite the fact that my entire family lives there and only my immediate family resides in California) whereas L.A. is my comfort zone with familiar people and a slightly more laid-back lifestyle. The idea of going to school on the east coast is appealing but it simultaneously makes me want to vomit because guess where all the private school kids sick of California lyfe go? NYU and Columbia and Yale. I might just stick around here for a while.



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