Modern Suburbia

Okay I just reread the post I did last night about Patti Smith and let’s say that I’m not too proud of it because of that thing where it, oh, I don’t know, doesn’t make shit sense. However, I’m still keeping it up just because all of it is true (even though it doesn’t make sense.)

So obviously Tavi Gevinson has been in like a zillion editorials but I really like this recent one she did with Petra Collins for Oyster Magazine. I think that it sort of captures a lot of ~vibes.~  I’m not one to repost an entire editorial (because that’s really pointless) but hopefully I’ll have some commentary that’ll make it sound cohesive.

These are a few of the images from the editorial. My favorite is the last one because I think it really captures the overall idea of the shoot with the suburban houses in the background and the aesthetic parts of patriotism (the red, white, and blue pants and the American flag in the background.) If you read Tavi Gevinson’s Tumblr or her regular blog, then you know that she obviously has a fascination with suburbia that keeps coming up, especially in a lot of films/books/etc that she likes to reference, like Freaks and Geeks and The Virgin Suicides. The photos in this shoot were taken in the suburb of Chicago that she lives in, which I guess adds a level of personal ideas into it. Please note that I am a stalker.

I really like the title too–“My United States of Whatever.” Obviously there’s that element of patriotism that I mentioned and the “whatever” part kind of embodies the nonchalant ~teenage spirit~ because it’s a very teenager-ish title, or at least in my opinion. I think I overanalyze too much though. I have a feeling that they just came up with it because they couldn’t think of anything else besides really cliche titles. Or the fact that it’s a song by Liam Lynch.

I feel like these embody a lot of seventies vibes specifically because of the clothes and the records and everything (event though people still obviously listen to records.) And the old Midwestern houses—I especially like how the pink trim of the one she’s standing in front of matches the scarf she’s carrying.

As an extra add on–I always was aware of Petra Collins and her work but these pictures are so amazing and I think it really demonstrates how her photography is so versatile from things that are more personal to things that are “fashion oriented” or whatever you want to call it. I like her work a lot, you guys should check more of it out (if you haven’t already) at her website (previously linked) and The Ardorous

Photo creds:  Oyster and Style Rookie.


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