Just Amazing (sucky titles 2k12)

So if you don’t remember, I made a reading list a while ago and one of the “assignments” I had was to read Patti Smith’s memoir, Just Kids.

I know that I haven’t been reading as much as I should, but I like reading this one a lot. Memoirs are never really addicting to me the way page-turning spy novels are but I think Patti Smith’s is the only exception. I just think that all the things that happened to her–the good, the bad, etc., all had some impact in some way and they all shaped her and it’s kind of beautiful, in a general sense because the way she met Robert Mapplethorpe and the way she met that homeless guy when she first moved to Brooklyn and just all of it is so unexpected…but it all sort of turns out nicely and I guess that even the most mundane things seem exciting when you’re reading it because you obviously know it’s building up to something big.

I also found it interesting how she described her childhood–I guess I’d heard too many rumors about her parents being really strict and all that but they didn’t seem to be and  I think it’s just something people like to make up to make her seem even more “weird” or “wild” or something like that (which I was happy to hear about because I hate parents that are dictators) but anyway that is BESIDES THE POINT. I also liked the way she idolized other bands. People seem to think that such great people just sort of start doing things but it’s such bull because EVEN PATTI SMITH HAD IDOLS and while it sounds obvious for me to say, it seems like she never could or never would but she did. And it’s kind of reassuring, don’t you think? To know that someone else looked up to people just the way you looked up to them which means that someone else could just as easily look up to you? It’s kind of a beautiful thing to think about.

Er anyway none of this is coherent at all because my thoughts about her book are just so unorganized but aslfkj PATTI SMITH 4 LYFE


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