Alternatives to David Tosh’s Bullshit

Unless you live under a rock, you are probably aware of the fact that Daniel Tosh is a comedian who made a rape joke and told a heckler who objected to said joke that it would be funny if she got raped. Obviously this bullshit is not funny because he is a white heterosexual cisgender man with money and his own television show and he does not know what it is like to be a woman, let alone a woman who has been raped. Rather than dwelling on what is obviously the dark side of things and trying to analyze Tosh’s joke (which many have done, Jessica Valenti included,) I have found what appears to be one of the best Wanda Sykes videos ever (which is pretty impressive, considering that she is absolutely hilarious):

Photo via Lipstick Feminists, a blog that Tosh will have to start to check out if he doesn’t want an angry mob of decent human beings burning his house down.

In case Tosh had any sort of ideas about rape and rape culture, he should probably read this and get it into his head that he is an asshole and a disgusting turd.

Sometimes the world makes me want to throw shit.

Luckily Wanda Sykes exists so it should all be okay. My favorite online magazine, XoJane, had an article about Tosh too, which basically sums everything up for you, from start to finish. This passive aggressive stuff is now over. I just felt that it had to be acknowledged.


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