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I know this may not interest everyone but it’s really important that the word gets out there for a new online publication run by Sarah (Astrorice) and Mikaela Foster, internet vloggers and writers respectively, known as Other…

While many details have not been released about the publication other than the fact that they need contributors (hence the video,) and that it comes out at the beginning of September, it still seems like an exciting prospect for many people, myself included. Many people will probably stupidly compare it to Tavi Gevinson‘s immensely successful online magazine directed towards teenage girls, Rookie, but that’s ridiculous because (or so it seems) they’re both like apples and oranges. The editors of the magazine are probably a lot less known, even after the slut shaming video and the articles on hellogiggles, rather than Tavi Gevinson’s famed status as a fashion blogger and writer.

Some more information about Other:

The Website (duh)



Submission Form


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