Waffle Time

For those of you have no sense of humor (or maybe have lives, ew) there is a television show that I believe that every human being of the 21st century has an obligation to invest in, not only to maintain a sense of humor, but also to maintain a sense of dignity and respect. That show is not a National Geographic documentary about how bees are dying (although I have watched one like that.) That show is Parks and Recreation, which I am late in creating hype about. The fact that I don’t care SHOWS THAT IT MATTERS AND MY OPINION DOES TOO. Also, it’s Amy Poehler . If you know what’s good for you, you watch what she makes.

Parks and Rec is based around the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana, with the 4th largest obesity rate in America (whoo!) and a hilarious parks and recreation city department, which Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, is the head of. Hence the screen shot above in which Leslie thinks about moving to other Indiana towns (sacrilege and blasphemy.)

Also, there’s Aubrey Plaza who is pretty much the highlight of the show sometimes (SOMETIMES) because she plays April, an intern and later paid employee who speaks in a monotone and says things that are ironically hilarious.

And then there’s Ron Swanson, who is a meat-eating government-hating machine with a mustache. Rather than just showing you a slew of more screen shots, I will simply add that Aziz Ansari is in it as well and plays Tom Haverford, a harmless but obnoxious Parks and Recreation employee. He has a need for women and flashy bullshit and a tendency to only get the 8th and 9th words in this sentence. Other characters include Rashida Jones playing Ann Perkins, an upbeat and cheerful nurse who works at Pawnee’s hospital and is universally attractive to pretty much everyone (including Tom, of course.)

But let’s cut the bullshit–Parks and Rec is really a good show. While other programs of the same genre like “Community” never fail to disappoint, there’s something special about “Parks and Rec.” It may not be inherently political but it’s obvious that it isn’t anti-feminist or anti-anything, as a matter of fact. And stereotyping seems to be at a happy low. People who haven’t watched it may think it looks mundane, because after all, parks? And, like, recreation? At the same time, quirky comedies like “The Office” aren’t ones to boast interesting plot lines–instead, they have weird characters and great dialogue to make up for it, both of which “Parks and Recreation” has without having half as many seasons to catch up on.


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