Oops, Elie Saab did it again (Fall 2012)*

Greetings from planet brain mush. I basically took an unscheduled break because some of my relatives living in San Diego got carbon monoxide poisoning (my grandmother is slightly delirious and decided that leaving the oven on after their fourth of July cookout was good and it wasn’t so we had to visit them there to aid in their emotional well being because the doctors did the physical part.) But that’s beside the point, although now you know why I say such smart things all the time (which I don’t, if you got the hint.)

I feel like Elie Saab’s collections are hard to talk about in complex terms because a lot of times all you say are things like “pretty….sparkly…..pretty” and it just doesn’t tend to sound that coherent. BUT THAT’S WHAT THEY ARE and I almost have no shame in saying so. On an even more nihilistic note, Jacquelyn Jablonski is always so stunning. I hate to be one of the assholes on Tumblr whose blog is nothing but a collage of emaciated models (MINE IS ONLY PART THAT) and who has “favorites” but I guess she is one of my favorites. Also her last name isn’t WASPy. Score.

sljfslfjkdf I guess raise your hand if you think the embroidery is beautiful. I like this collection just as much as the one that everyone freaked out over, which was spring 2011….

And while the collection, as you can see, is obviously justified in its good reception by everyone on the internet, it’s also kind of boring to me because if we’re just going to narrow everything down to those two collections, spring 2011 is more colorless.

This is also from Fall 2012. Enough said. Unless you have something against mermaids, in which case, please leave.

This is also from the same collection. I think it’s great that there’s definitely a combination of different types of clothing and it’s not just one theme incorporated into every dress. I don’t know guys. Fall 201 ftw. What do you think? If you go to style’s runway slides, you can see more pictures (although I find that I like Elle’s more because they’re larger.)

*Sometimes when I write these things I have no idea what the hell I am talking about and just want to stare at pretty clothes that will never fit me so just please be aware.

First five images, the next two, and the last.


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