Youtube Love

I’m sure the majority of people in the internet generation have been there–you’re basically obsessed with a youtube channel. Whether you subscribe or not is irrelevant, you’ve just GOT TO MAKE sure you have watched every single episode they have ever made. Such is the case with Laci Green, a youtube sensation who makes videos on her channel, Sex+, about anything having to do with sex and sexuality (plus other videos along the way.) Hopefully you’re not throwing your computer across the room and screaming about how I’ve scammed you because I’m supposedly a fashion blog, but then again if you are, you won’t be reading this right now so it’s irrelevant anyway. The point is, there ARE PEOPLE WHO NEED TO SPEAK about issues like this and I truly believe in the idea that abstinence-only education fucks us over in more ways than one (YA SEE WHAT I DID THERE HAR HAR)  and Laci Green is right there with me. Her latest video made me love her even more than I already do (which is quite difficult, to be honest):


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