No, I don’t want to work in a building Downton

If you got the reference there, then congratulations, you’ve got hipster street cred (even though the title makes no sense because downtown is a noun and Downton is an adjective for Abbey but whatever, I hope you’ll live.) Downton Abbey is a show that I’ve heard a lot about, and I was meandering around Netflix when I found out the first season was on instant stream. I decided to watch one to try it out and now I’m writing about it.

The premise of the show is that a large property in the countryside is shaken up when the heirs to the money are found to be dead because of the Titanic and distant cousins from Manchester have to move in (because they’re the new heirs.) However, rather than it being a Mad Men situation in which there’s no representation of the lower classes (ahem,) Downton Abbey embraces them and creates just as much drama with the servants as with the actual members of the families.The best part of the show are the deep set personality traits that are easily found in each person. Nobody is left boring, which is refreshing. And if you’re turned off by the idea of a PBS show, then you’re being idiotic–Maggie Smith is in it (and her lines are absolutely priceless, let me tell you,) and so are other great actors and actresses, some unknown, and others deep into their careers.

Lady Mary, played by Michelle Dockery (who is absolutely insanely talented,) is probably the most focused on out of her two sisters, Edith (Laura Carmichael) and Sybil (Jessica Brown Findlay,) because she is the oldest and thus ready to be married. Much of the scenes with her are focused on her reactions and feelings towards her suitors, who can range from old idiots to unattractive distant relatives. While that may seem boring, it never proves to be, especially when her relationships with her siblings (i.e., Edith, ahem,) are beautifully (or horribly) entangled into all of it to make a surprisingly entertaining mess. And while Sybil isn’t spun into the marriage business (just yet of course,) she’s interested in politics and going to rallies, which is how Downton incorporates historical facts into the show, much like other period dramas (Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire.) She basically belongs during the 90’s in Olympia, her elegant dresses and polite attitude toward her subtle oppressors (her father) proving to be out of place when she’s ambitious (WHAT) and a woman (WHAT) in 1912. To be honest, if I ramble any more about the show, I’ll probably reveal a spoiler somewhere (which I am trying desperately hard NOT to do) and it’ll probably prove to be the most mundane writing since my physics text book. Tumblr has a pretty strong Downton Abbey fandom (of course I checked before watching) so now there’s another thing you CAN OBSESS ABOUT OVER THE INTERNET (which you needed.)

Also, there are great meme sites that make you die laughing because THEY R LYKE SO TRU YO.

Aspinal of London bride glove
And of course I made yet another shitty polyvore.

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