Guts of Girls

I don’t know if any of you are aware of girl guts, which is a site that has just been relaunched to my own (and many others, I presume) delight. The authors are essentially a group of internet famous girls (plus a guy) who make relatively brief and concise posts about anything from makeup reviews to body politics. While the whole idea of the site isn’t exactly innovative, it’s pretty cool that it’s on Tumblr (and thus more accessible) and that a lot of people who are authors are pretty much…unknown. The youngest  is Heather, a fifteen-year-old (MY AGE WHADDUP) self-proclaimed “moody teenage girl” who seems to be just as intriguing as her older Girl Guts peers, because while she doesn’t have unnaturally colored hair like the other 80 percent of the staff, she does have a white rabbit and an appreciation for art (filed under: things you can gather from people’s website bio’s 2k12.) Also on the staff are Celia Edell, who I wrote about in my favorite Tumblr post, Ari from Moonbrains, and Laurence Philomene, an epic photographer living in Montreal. If I were to summarize it in one sentence, it’s basically a culmination of work from internet famous people.

Celia recently did a photo shoot which I found quite impressive (as she’s a philosophy student, not a photography or fashion one):

Plenty of summer vibes to go around.


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