Squealing Pigs

If you know what I mean by this reference, then you have a really good memory or just need to get a life (which kind of shows that I shouldn’t be writing such obscure titles but I detest obvious ones so who’s to blame here I DON’T KNOW.)

I watched “Let The Right One In” (yeah, that’s right, the foreign non-Chloe Moretz version because I like to be cultured and see the originals or just because it was the only one on instant Netflix cough cough but which one sounds better let’s be real) a few weeks ago and I’ve been procrastinating on writing it because there’s too much good stuff.  Tess has seen it and was posting all these epic film stills and I just knew I HAD TO. It’s also a book, apparently, which is just really irritating because the book is always better, even if it’s the ~European original~. Spoilers throughout.

Some parts of the film (like this) are really artistically pleasing, including the ones of the suburban town in Sweden in the 80’s (i.e., the setting,) with the little buildings and the vast planes of white snow that just frame the whole thing.

This captures the town’s ~vibes~ well.

And while the kids aren’t exactly normal (uh,) they engage in plenty of child like behaviors, which is what I like because sometimes movies are just adults in kids bodies or the opposite and it’s extremely unrealistic (as in here, when Oskar is hunched over in the water, looking dazed, which kids seem to do a lot or maybe it’s the forced drowning scene either way I think it correlates with what I’m saying and even if it doesn’t, you shouldn’t say anything about it.)

Or here, in contrast with my whole THEY’RE KIDS thing–Tomas Alfredson  sort of picks up on subtle things about people and I just like the way it’s emphasized here, with the clawing hand.

I feel that even though the film was supposed to be scary, it wasn’t really things like this that bothered me. Sure, you can have all the blood you want, but it doesn’t compare to the psychological ideas that come into play, like the fact that Eli physically craves other people’s innards so that she can live a healthy life  and the fact that Oskar already has serial killer ish tendencies because of the bullies at school that nobody can stand up to. In fact, the most frightening part of the whole thing to me was when the woman who Eli bit started having vampire tendencies and burned up in the hospital room because of sun light. It would have been better for her to just die than to have to live with what being a vampire was like. As a random tid bit, I also like how they don’t have vampire teeth which, while appropriate, are just used so much and take away the subtlety factor that shows that vampires live everywhere and anywhere and look just like the rest of us…

Slightly off topic, but this picture by this tumblr user is kind of epic, if I do say so myself. As mentioned before, I’m a sucker for art that’s inspired by other art.

This captures everything color wise,with the surrounding white and neutral colors. I think that if we’re going to go all middle school English teacher and be like “OKAY KIDS THE CURTAINS ARE BLUE ON PAGE 97 BECAUSE THE CHARACTER CRIED ON PAGE 245,” it’s safe to say that the town is sucked dry (no pun intended) when Eli has to resort to killing people, hence its not having any sort of color and just white and brick and melancholy blues (the pool, Oskar’s eyes.)

Eli's Suitcase

First four photos via Tessurgh-film, astheybreedtheyswarm, harry-krinkle.


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