Ooh wow, look at my ~creepy~ title–I’m sure you’re all significantly spooked and totally not wondering what sort of mediocre indie band I’m paraphrasing or life story I’m referring to. You’ll find that in the following pictures, my title will be completely justified.

Amber Ortolano  is a fifteen-year-old photographer living in New York (state.) She makes beautiful pictures using all sorts of materials and is really, really talented (at least in my humble opinion.) People like Katieeleanor, who I consider to be relatively “Flickr Famous” like her work too, such as this video, which will give you a taste as to why I chose this cliche title:

Video via her flickr. All photos via her blog. She has a flickr, vimeo, and shuttermade as well as a facebook fan page and a shop.

As someone who dislikes fantasy books in general, art like this makes me really enthusiastic about the concept of fantasy and things that are mysterious and undefinable. I love photography that isn’t about fantasy too, people taking pictures of their friends and family members and real things going on, but an escape is nice and if someone can create art out of it, it’s really something (at least to me.) The way she incorporates herself into the image and how she can obscure herself or put herself right in front of the camera is extremely intriguing. I highly recommend watching all of her videos because they’re all beautiful and looking at all of her pictures for the same reason.


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