Like a toaster, or something

If you know the 90’s, then you know My So-Called Life with Claire Danes and Jared Leto and a bunch of other famous people (but you really know them as Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano, duh.)

If I were a liar, I’d say “We all know Claire Danes is just playing that ~angsty~ teenage girl and her feelings are all a little exaggerated,” but to be honest (and maybe it’s because I’m the same age as Angela Chase) I totally relate to basically everything she feels. Sure, some of the things she does are kind of dumb, but in the most good-natured and understandable way possible.

Okay this feeling is timeless and always will be. I just want to stick out my hand be like “I FEEL YOU” because I do because Sundays suck and she has validated every Sunday night feeling I’ve ever had.

Or lines like this, which, while a tad bit cheesy, are still relatable. Angela Chase is the girl you want to distance yourself from–you want to say, “No, I’m not a melodramatic teenager, things aren’t really this ridiculous and complicated,” but if you are, you’re probably in denial. I’m not saying we’re all like Angela because we aren’t, but there are parts of her that are in everyone and the more you try to distance yourself from her because you’re ashamed to be a teenage girl or whatever bull crap, the worse it’ll get.

Personally, I’ve never had a best friend but Angela’s friendship with Rayanne makes me jealous beyond belief (before Jordan came and screwed up everything up, lol.) They laugh together and they same to be on the same page–it was almost like a documentary, you were an observer when you watched the parts with them, a third wheel, and they were just having a great time with each other (and Rickie, of course.)

The first part is one of my favorite things in all of television history because it captures the way people act (especially teenagers, ahem.) I can’t get over the accuracy–the laughing, the constant eye contact, the sharing of secrets that people watching just never catch on to…it’s all so real.

Fashion wise, we obviously have the 90’s grunge thing going on for the most part (not Tumblr grunge which is emaciated white people wearing black lipstick, but thanks for trying, internet.)

Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis comes to mind at first, just because of how iconic it is (and it’s accurate!)

Ragged sweaters, long skirts, Docs…basically. Of course both Angela and Rayanne wear definite variations (because Rayanne sort of dresses more like a decade-confused hippie, to be honest) and Angela is minimalistic.

Also this sweater at Ashish (which I mentioned in another post) really describes the mentality and physical ideas of Angela’s ~90’s lyfe~.

Same with these Ashish Docs, but I have a feeling Angela just wouldn’t put flowers on hers out of angst.

Angela Chase
All photos of My So Called life via my Tumblr. Fashionnews, Ripped Knees, this blog,  my tumblr.

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