Teenage suicide, don’t do it

Welp, I’m a real damn cliche now because I watched Heathers and I loved it.

First of all, we’ve got Winona Ryder and that just justifies every single flaw in the whole things because she’s WINONA RYDER. I sound like a twelve-year-old but I couldn’t help thinking “Veronica really IS the prettiest out of all the Heathers if we’re going to be judgmental and pointless here” but I’m not going to go on (though I want to, people with cheek bones make me cry.) Spoiler alert: references of ENTIRE film throughout post, beware!!

Okay, first of all, she’s pretty badass (you go Winona, he doesn’t deserve your fucking speech!!! YOU ARE SO RIGHT, JUST REMEMBER NOT TO KILL HIM AND FRAME HIS DEATH AS A SUICIDE OH WAIT WHAT DID I JUST SAY.)

However, on the other foot, I am not going to lie and say that I just hated everyone and Veronica Sawyer was the only one I really liked because let’s face it–this movie would probably be nothing without Heather’s lines (see above.) I kind of want to use all of them on the people at school I dislike, which, in a non-sequitur, would up my bitch level to like, infinity, but it’s not as though any of my dip-dyed obsessed classmates would even know that when I said “fuck me with a chain saw,” I was quoting an 80’s film and not just my screwed-up mind.

I am also not going to lie and say that when Veronica and the Heathers were together as a group, I kind of wouldn’t have minded being one of them just so I could play crochet and wear 80’s shoulder-pad filled jackets and kill my hair with spray.

I made a Polyvore post about them:

Teenage suicide, don't do it

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