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I can’t believe I haven’t written a post about “Portlandia.” If you haven’t seen it, I don’t know what you’ve been doing with your Saturday nights besides going out with your friends or doing homework or seeing a movie or reading a book or being normal…The point is, “Portlandia” is probably one of my favorite shows ever. To give you an introduction to what should already be an obsession (yes, I am that person who keeps asking you why you aren’t obsessed with what I am obsessed with which is what everyone should be obsessed with because I am a pretentious idiot):

It stars Carrie Brownstein (yes, the feminist rocker from Sleater-Kinney and Wild Flag) and Fred Armisen (SNL is where you’ve probably seen him) ratting on Portland in the most loving way possible. Prior to seeing the show, I knew little about Portland except that it was in Oregon (uh,) full of hipsters, and that it had a vegan strip club somewhere (I imagined hipster men eating fried tempeh sticks while they watched women in organic outfits swinging around poles made out of recycled card board.) After I saw the show, I knew a lot more about Portland: it was full of lush green plants, and, more importantly, I absolutely had to find an excuse to go there. While I am still waiting for a reason to go to Portland (maybe a quick trip to Reed, where the chances of me getting are very laughable, should be in order,) I watch the show religiously and for good reason…

They make fun of cult leaders and organic Portland enthusiasts in one skit. I don’t want to give away too much, but let’s be real–there aren’t many shows as self-deprecating as “Portlandia” gets. Despite the fact that both Brownstein and Armisen are willing to play anybody, from obsessive dumpster divers:

To outdoor-nature-loving dog adorers:

…they are always willing to make fun of themselves and Portland, including its mayor, its feminist bookstore owners, and its coffee shops as much as possible. And yet, even despite the obvious satire, if one WERE to go so far as to insult Portland (which is like, fucking ridiculous,) Armisen and Brownstein seem like they’d be the first people to come and defend it and the last to leave (I’m talking full out vegan  world war III.) Armisen lives in New York City in real life and Brownstein lives in Portland herself, but the different locations don’t seem to matter–they’re always on the same wavelength. You’d think that Carrie Brownstein, being an extremely talented musician, couldn’t get much more gifted in terms of arts–but you’re wrong, because it’s obvious she has a sense of humor to contend with, and a chemistry (not THAT kind) with Armisen that makes the show that much more entertaining. They feed off of each other, but only metaphorically, because as we all know, people aren’t vegan.

Portlandia is part of IFC and it has aired two seasons, the second which is available on iTunes and the first, which is available on Netflix instant stream (you heard me.) The skits above are from Portlandia’s first season but in the second, shit it also as real. It deals with addiction, as in the following…


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