Cold in the summer (part 1)

Before Jennifer Lawrence had everybody on their hands and knees begging for love or friendship or both, she was in “Winter’s Bone” in 2010, directed by Debra Granik. I watched the film a few months ago after meaning to watch if for some time, and I still really love everything about it. I suppose that the majority of urbanized people in modern day society don’t realize what living in the Ozarks entails because we just have this idea of a bunch of hillbillies sitting by a fire and being racist and using improper grammar because anybody who doesn’t live in rural areas seems to be a pretentious fuck by nature. I don’t want to go so far as to say that “Winter’s Bone” annihilates stereotypes, but uh, let’s be real–who would have thought that these dumbass hillbillies make meth and posses goals and conflicts with each other?

I still feel like even though Jennifer Lawrence did an absolutely magnificent job playing Ree, they could have made her a little uglier because she’s just so gorgeous and maybe it’s because red carpet photos of her looking amazing exist, but I couldn’t help being like “IT’S ALL AN ACT”…

Also, I’m not going to lie, I still paid attention to the ~fashion~ in the film out of habit. And hey, it’s not that bad–despite the fact that you can pretty much find inspiration from anywhere (ahem,) grungy hiking boots and cool hipster caps aren’t all that bad (yes, the caps ARE hipster-ish.)

Knit blue one.

Got our ~multi colored stripe~ over here.

Also, her sweaters are kind of wonderfully tacky or if not that, rugged.

Uh, yeah. Deer winter sweater. Don’t mess.

Classic cargo jacket, essential for hunting down long lost family members who don’t have anything to give but money and spankings (see: Ree getting brutally beaten by her family members, who are ridiculous.)

Casual plaid shirt, used for all purposes, including skinning squirrels with her adorable siblings, both of whom sport attire that looks like it’s straight off the crappy town department store rack.

In conclusion, Ree could probably get away with going into a city like New York because so long as she wore her deer sweater ironically and made sure to tell everyone that she did so, she would JUST like a hipster.

Besides the stupid clothing analyzing, I really liked how Jennifer Lawrence didn’t overplay the part of Ree, because it’s kind of an easy thing to do in a really cliche way, not because it’s a cliche role or a cliche plot, but because her situation is sort of general and she probably could have taken the easy way out BUT SHE DIDN’T.

I don’t have time to analyze all the acting/plot planning/etc right now, but when I do I shall make a part 2 of this post.

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