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Certain Issues

As a complete and total magazine nerd, I don’t know if any of you have felt this way before, but when I get an issue of a magazine I really like, I keep looking at it over and over until I memorize the text. That’s how bad I am with this stuff.

I told you I read Nylon (please please don’t judge me for it ) occasionally (they have good music reviews and a slightly better idea of things than Vogue or Elle.) One of the issues they did had Evan Rachel Wood on the cover (it was November 2010. That’s how much of a fangirl I am.)

So Nylon does a different theme for every month. Some months it’s fashion or music or whatever, but my favorite is the America issue. Not because I am a pretentious fuck about where I live, but because the idea of having an issue centered around America everywhere is very difficult since it’s an abstract concept (rather than fashion or music, which are just really self explanatory.) This issue featured basically a cross-country tour of some of the biggest cities (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago) and some smaller but no less mighty ones (Portland, Boston, Miami.) The staff of Nylon basically splits up, communicates via the internet, and writes about all of these great bands, restaurants, and stores located in each city. It doesn’t feel like an advertisement or some sort of “MOVE TO LA NOW” type thing–it’s just “here’s a city we like, here’s why we like it.”

Personally, cities and suburbs and small towns are all very interesting to me, so I enjoyed seeing the things they had to do in each one, and the parallels and differences between the cities. They also interviewed people who lived there about their style and beauty routines. The thing I love about it is that it’s really encouraging–there are places to live that aren’t New York where you can have a really cosmopolitan/urban way of existing.

The next issue (November 2011) was even better, from an objective standpoint (I loved 2010 just because it was my first issue and I thought that the concept was genius.)

This one was great because instead of the major or well known cities, Nylon concentrated on small and lesser known cities like Boise, Sacramento, Jackson, and the like to find out about their music. How fucking cool is that?? I can’t get over it. They have a bad habit of going overboard and kind of doing the whole “New York and San Francisco are the only good places to hear music” thing but they totally annihilated that idea with this. All of these great people making good music don’t get recognition because, well, who wants to go to Boise? Nylon didn’t care. They just went out. It was the contrast between the previous one, which was all about more known cities and everything about them, and here it was lesser-known cities and the same things: where to eat, where to shop, and especially, what to hear.

If you ever want to get an introduction to Nylon, get the November issues. So far, I haven’t seen any disappointments.


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Lampshades (part 7 of 7)

I think that this collection looks really different from all of the other ones in terms of general style? There’s the cat eye, which everyone seems to be doing lately (including all the girls at school) and the bun, which also isn’t something she’s done before either (usually hair=minimalistic or just pretty.)

Still the obvious complex patterns, which we see in pretty much every collection but which we never tire of. And I still see the general similarity to McQueen because it’s so structured.

Personally, I like the shorter ones more just because…I do? But then again, I’m a teenage girl on the internet, every opinion that I say MUST BE RELEVANT to everyone, right? The shoes are great, sort of remind me of 70’s go-go boots combined with Easter spring sale shoes from Macy’s–all things are well.

Okay, now I’m dying a little bit. And if those are ponies, I will officially die. Also, the skirt is epic, and I think that the white shoes are a really refreshing idea. I keep seeing black everywhere.

Now I am dying, do you not see me dying because I am. There are some looks in collections you just don’t feel the need to even analyze or think about or blah blah blah because they’re just so fantastic? This is one of them. I’m sorry if you don’t agree.

….as with this one. I like the shoes but personally I think she could have even made them more ostentatious if she wanted too because even though the clothing itself is obviously gorgeous and completely different from the other things she’s done since it’s not as structured, it’s not overdone or full of color or anything and in past collection she’s done overwhelming amounts of unrelated color and pattern and made it work so I think she could have done the same if she wanted to here…but these shoes are still amazing. Don’t. Get. Me. Wrong.

Okay, so this is amazing. I love her dresses but also her pants/jackets combinations, is anyone with me on that one? In addition, from far away I was like, “OH SHERLOCK HOLMES VIBES” but then it wasn’t because it looks like there are little eyes everywhere on it or some other pattern which is so cool.

This collection looks so much like my favorite one, two collections ago. I love it and I think that the bright colors are good in this collection since the rest didn’t have as much color as past ones.

Epic pants are epic, whaddup. On a more serious and professional note, I would fucking wear these.

Officially dying. Take a gander at those shoes. Now do it again. And again. ARE WE ON THE SAME PAGE NOW? She’s so good at making a contrast. I think that in her collections, at the beginning it’s way more toned down, sort of like a party. People are just sipping drinks and eating appetizers, but after a certain point, everyone gets really shitfaced and has a great time? It’s the same here. Her collections have a rhythm and a style, and right now we’re in the second part, whereas with the more neutral things, we were definitely in the first.

Ah, fall vibes (red=life) and McQueen 2 collections ago vibes, too.The patterns remind me of her second and third collections.

Somebody pinch me, I’m actually dying inside from all the beauty stuffed into one outfit, oh my gosh. McQueen vibes again, as with the other one.

Grandma sweaters, always welcome in my neck of the woods.

2 seasons ago with the pants here. I really enjoy them.

Hands down favorite one ever, I am lying down on the ground and wailing in pain it is so beautiful. McQueen vibes again.

This whole collection, it’s just amazing. It’s a big collection too, I couldn’t even review all of it! If anyone wants to see the rest….

Finale look is inexplicably amazing and completely beautiful.

Sometimes people are so talented you want to frame their vomit and just, like, put up on your wall because their vomit is your glitter? Mary Katrantzou 4 evah you guys, MARY KATRANTZOU FOR FUCKING LIFE.

All photos via  Elle.

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Hi everyone!

I’m having a busy week filled with a dinner, an interview, and more school work than anyone could ever need, so I’m doing a triple post to make up for today and the other day that I missed blogging over the weekend sometime.

Thanks and have a great night!


So my teachers are crazy and I am really disliking everyone and everything right now; disregarding that, I won’t be able to post for the rest of the working week so I will do 7 posts on Saturday.

You give so many damns!

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Lampshades (part 6 of 7)


As are neutral lips.

So far I still just like the last collection more? She’s just so talented and I feel like the last one was the pinnacle of her talent and this one is more modern without the textile detail that she did before.

These pants are epic though guys, let’s be real here. I like how the shirt goes with the pants so that they all blend together.

And blazers are usually bland to me but if someone came to work that way I’d probably start worshiping them, this thing is amazing.

I like the back, it makes her look like a queen or royalty . Also, blue lipstick, need I mention it again?!

Mini dress=fucking epic. If I had good legs, I wouldn’t stop wearing this. My school’s performing arts banquet is this week, I’m wearing a huge skirt and a sweater and ugly black boots. I enjoy being in a clothing rut, it’s so fun.

I think we’re starting to see her textile ability more in the mini dresses than in the other things.

Also, purple lipstick, never an issue either. And this dress is absolutely amazing. I love how each part has its own individual detail.

I enjoy the blue in this but I like the last two more because this one seems a little too simplistic.

All in all, while this collection was really great, I liked the last one a lot more.

All photos via Elle.

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Lampshades (part 5 of 7)

So, when designers do floral patterns for fall, I have to say it’s not relatively interesting. Mary Katrantzou has done it an innovative way, because instead of putting it on some sort of finely cut sun dress, she put them on tights and structured skirts and tops. With blue clogs.

On the other foot, there is a way to incorporate dark colors into collections in the fall, which is done really well here. You have a lot of purple and vibrant color on the dress but the shoes don’t necessarily have to be that way as well.

Pattern overload. Sometimes I think she’s so talented that this is a little much, but maybe I’ve just watched too many red carpet review sessions where people over analyze everything. Also, the clogs. They make my argument invalid.

The thing that I enjoy about Mary Katrantzou is that she does a lot of patterns that aren’t “young” or whatever the fuck they call it. They’re things that could be found on your Grandmother’s table cloth but she’s such a fantastical genius and manages to make it more interesting than all the other things you see.

This is insane. I can’t deal with this. There is so much beauty I can’t even…why over analyze when you can’t even talk about it without wanting to throw up floral patterns?

If somebody gave me these tights, I would just stare at them. Also, you see the skirt pattern? I love the red in it.

These shoes are so beautiful. I think that the pattern is slightly reminiscent of her first and second collections, especially the way it’s placed on the skirt.

I don’t know what it is about purple in this collection, but I have no problems with it. It goes well with the black shoes, which are sort of badass to me, while the purple maintains a sophisticated balance. I look at the psychology behind colors, guys. Someone hit me up, I can teach a course on it at an ivy league school while kids in sweater vests stare at me disgust.

The patterns on the top are kind of animal-ish and they go well with the tan shoes. Also, I can’t get over the graphics on the dress.

It’s like you’ve got this long, quirky (I hate that word so much, but I can’t find anything else to describe it) dress and then bam, these awesome black shoes that could easily go with grey jeans come in–HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FEEL.

So you know how the other skirts in the last collection each sort of told a story, because they were built the same way but they were all different? That’s how I feel about this dress, because it tells a story too, with the three different sections and patterns. I find it in intriguing that Mary Katrantzou always manages to do that.

All photos via Elle.

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Lampshades (part 4 of 7)

So remember when I was talking about how people call her collections lampshades? Here’s my evidence! Spring 2011 is where it’s at. This is probably one of my favorite collections in the history of ever. How does Mary Katrantzou pull it off, man?

This looks like the McQueen collection I was talking about.

Okay so shoes are major spring want (as necessary information) and the dress is super strucutred and DO YOU SEE THESE PATTERNS?? It’s like interior design ON A DRESS. Your eyes are gorged with fabulous. You are about to throw up sparkles, it’s that good.

We might as well get a closeup on the shoes…

I like how they’re tall wedges…with laces. That are yellow. All we need is bacon and we’re pretty much set.

Ah here, perfect lampshade example guys. THIS IS WHAT I MEAN. It looks a piece of furniture in a trendy apartment.

Also love this one, it more looks like a lamp my grandmother would have.

The thing I love about all of the skirts is that they each look like a lamp in a different house. So while the first one loked like a trendy apartment lamp, and the second looked like an old rich woman’s, this one looks like a middle aged ex-housewife. Each skirt tells a story.

And this one looks like a vacation house lamp.

She also incorporated some of the themes of her old collection, like the graphics on this outfit.

I can’t even–DO YOU SEE THE SKIRT???

And end scene.

This is what I was waiting to post–this is how fashion is art. You can do things like this. Humans have the ability to make beautiful things and when we do, it’s amazing. Yes, fashion is a business. It’s a very ugly and horrible business, and it’s full of prejudice; but when we just focus on the art side, we see that it’s an important one. These people give me hope. If we can make skirts out of lamps, then we can probably accept people of all varieties of sexuality, race, and gender as they are, too. It’s simple logic that’s hard to act on.

All photos via Elle

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Lampshades (part 3 of 7)

It’s a double post day!!

Is it bad that I guess I feel kind of disappointed with this one? I like how the dress adheres to more of a casual yet simultaneously interesting aesthetic, but I guess the dress pattern bores me because her first collection’s were really intriguing. I have to say, the shoes are killer, kind of McQueen-esque but not at the same time because McQueen would never make shoes like that.

See, but just when we think it’s getting tedious, BAM! I MEAN TAKE A GANDER AT THIS THING. This particular pattern, with the intricate colors and shapes, is seen more in her later stuff which is why I like it so much. The shoes are also extremely charming and what is that bracelet? A snake?

And it gets better…

The contrast of the different materials is interesting and it still comes together as one dress! Plus, need I mention the shoes? I’m telling you guys, Mary Katrantzou is the shit.

This one reminds me more of her last collection, whereas the others remind me more of her future ones. This collection is very much a fashion limbo.

That coat makes me want to throw up. It is too good. And the patterns…it is like chocolate dipped bacon. That’s how great it is.

I like how the top is super intricate but the skirt is more minimalistic, both of which are balanced out by the shoes, which are somewhere in between.

In other news, holy shit I want that.

The ruffles make her look like an exotic bird.

I like this one, I think it’s a little less dark than the others. Also, spring time vibes. Just saying. I could see wearing the last one to work, it’s so pretty.

All photos courtesy of

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