Witches are a pretty damn cliche inspiration but sometimes I’m not sure if I give a shit because I enjoy this idea. With Tavi Gevinson’s “teen witch for fall” Tumblr tag and outfits, it’s already pretty much been done to its utmost extent. Except for the fact that I don’t care. I made  a witch moodboard that I sent to Alicia  so sadly I don’t have one with me, which means I’ll just get the pictures I used for it off the internet…

convent school witch by tess-connellan 
I really like Polyvore, especially when awesome people like Tess make amazing sets like this.
Vogue US November 1st, 1967, Penelope Tree by Richard Avedon. I love Penelope Tree, I feel like she’s more mod and cool than Twiggy in a lot of editorials.
This Nylon editorial in the October 2010 issue is probably one of my favorites. It’s called “The Tell Tale Heart” by Camerone Krone which makes sense (English class, whaddup) and it’s just like….witch central.
It’s hard to resist getting inspired by something so good….
It’s highly recommended that you listen to Blouse while thinking about witches.
I love Ruby Aldridge’s street style. Usually models just wear skinny jeans and simplistic shirts that still get them tons of attention but she wears long skirts and dresses and looks absolutely fantastic in them.
Part of the Rodarte Fall 2011 lookbook for Opening Ceremony.
This great Lula editorial…
Bedknobs and Broomsticks Lula, September 2008 Photographed by Ellen von Unwerth.
Florence always looks possessed but this is just epic.

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