Home Sweet Home

Olvera Street in Downtown. I love going downtown, makes me vomit out of happiness. (I love how all of my expressions of happiness including vomiting and dying? Someone tell me I’m not the only one who juxtaposes happy emotions with detrimental actions?)

Jenny and Johnny are one of my favorite bands. I should stalk them more. I wonder why I haven’t seen them live.

Touristy pictures of LA are kind of my favorites.

Lara Stone in Vogue Netherlands, May 2012. I guess her blonde hair and the beach background remind me of LA.

I feel like this embodies a lot of the physical aspects of LA–small, pastel colored houses with little trees and phone lines everywhere, all the time.

Elle Fanning in self service 36. This whole editorial was full of LA.

Also Lisa Cant by Paolo Zambaldi

Jasminemarieee, Jenny and Johnny by Autumn de Wilde for Lula, Smog Fog by Thuyanne, Lara Stone in Vogue Netherlands May 2012, sylvain-emmanuel. P, Elle Fanning in Self Service no. 36 by Venetia Scott, Lisa Cant by Paolo Zambaldi.

Announcements: I would really love to start posting outfits here and I think I will once I A) lose weight because my doctor will get off my back and B) buy clothes after I do the former. I really dislike myself right now in general and have begun to wear large sweaters, baggy dark pants, and gross rubber boots in an attempt to hide every single part of me that shows skin so people don’t realized what happened to me first semester. It’s been working really well, everyone says they don’t know my body type or anything! SUCCESS. The only issue is that walking down the street looking like a stoner/1990’s wannabe nirvana groupie in Los Angeles in the spring usually is a catalyst for strange looks and judgments. Whatever. The point is, I enjoy posting about my clothes and how they relate to what I like but I can’t right now, as much as I’d like to. I swear, this blog will get a lot less mundane and boring once I commit to whatever my doctor wants to me to commit to (which includes cutting down on carbs, prompting me to say “Can’t I stick forks in my eyes instead?”) Also, if people don’t read my shit about feminism (like, at all) can someone please let me know why my writing is boring because I know the topic matter is relevant? It would help me a lot.


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