Riot, Grrrl (part 1)

While I know that Riot Grrrl is obviously part of a huge movement (fashion included) I was just going to talk about how I felt about this article on Rookie today.

So if you read the article, you’ll realize that an eerie pattern start to occur–people as young as 11 and 12 start getting harassed on the street. People wearing big sweaters and tiny skirts. At night. In the day. In Rhode Island. In Saudi Arabia. It doesn’t matter where you are, who you are, or where you’re going because street harassment is a problem that is fucking everywhere. The amount of people on the staff and in the comments who’d gotten harassed is insane, but expected. Street harassment is easy to get away with–you do it, walk off, and you leave an angry person wanting to scream cuss words. From personal experience, I know that dealing with these things are hard and irritating because you really, really want to say something…but you just can’t find the words. Ten minutes later you think of the wittiest things to say, things that are funny, things that are vulgar, things that are the worst and simultaneously best statements that have ever crossed your mind–but they’re gone and it’s over and now you have the rest of the day or night to dwell on why you feel insecure and shitty.

I dislike the idea that “boys will be boys” because it digs us deeper into the problem. By justifying what boys do (i.e., harass girls and women everywhere,) we are not dealing with the problem and instead feeding deep gender binaries. It’s ludicrous. The fact that this happens to people so young is disgusting. The fact that women and people who aren’t cisgender heterosexual white men have to travel in fear everywhere is atrocious.

Instead of focusing on women and telling them to stop wearing skirts, we should focus on the people who start street harassment and tell them to go to therapy and stay the fuck out of everyone’s way.

Image via Riot Grrrls on tumblr.


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