Lampshades (part 7 of 7)

I think that this collection looks really different from all of the other ones in terms of general style? There’s the cat eye, which everyone seems to be doing lately (including all the girls at school) and the bun, which also isn’t something she’s done before either (usually hair=minimalistic or just pretty.)

Still the obvious complex patterns, which we see in pretty much every collection but which we never tire of. And I still see the general similarity to McQueen because it’s so structured.

Personally, I like the shorter ones more just because…I do? But then again, I’m a teenage girl on the internet, every opinion that I say MUST BE RELEVANT to everyone, right? The shoes are great, sort of remind me of 70’s go-go boots combined with Easter spring sale shoes from Macy’s–all things are well.

Okay, now I’m dying a little bit. And if those are ponies, I will officially die. Also, the skirt is epic, and I think that the white shoes are a really refreshing idea. I keep seeing black everywhere.

Now I am dying, do you not see me dying because I am. There are some looks in collections you just don’t feel the need to even analyze or think about or blah blah blah because they’re just so fantastic? This is one of them. I’m sorry if you don’t agree.

….as with this one. I like the shoes but personally I think she could have even made them more ostentatious if she wanted too because even though the clothing itself is obviously gorgeous and completely different from the other things she’s done since it’s not as structured, it’s not overdone or full of color or anything and in past collection she’s done overwhelming amounts of unrelated color and pattern and made it work so I think she could have done the same if she wanted to here…but these shoes are still amazing. Don’t. Get. Me. Wrong.

Okay, so this is amazing. I love her dresses but also her pants/jackets combinations, is anyone with me on that one? In addition, from far away I was like, “OH SHERLOCK HOLMES VIBES” but then it wasn’t because it looks like there are little eyes everywhere on it or some other pattern which is so cool.

This collection looks so much like my favorite one, two collections ago. I love it and I think that the bright colors are good in this collection since the rest didn’t have as much color as past ones.

Epic pants are epic, whaddup. On a more serious and professional note, I would fucking wear these.

Officially dying. Take a gander at those shoes. Now do it again. And again. ARE WE ON THE SAME PAGE NOW? She’s so good at making a contrast. I think that in her collections, at the beginning it’s way more toned down, sort of like a party. People are just sipping drinks and eating appetizers, but after a certain point, everyone gets really shitfaced and has a great time? It’s the same here. Her collections have a rhythm and a style, and right now we’re in the second part, whereas with the more neutral things, we were definitely in the first.

Ah, fall vibes (red=life) and McQueen 2 collections ago vibes, too.The patterns remind me of her second and third collections.

Somebody pinch me, I’m actually dying inside from all the beauty stuffed into one outfit, oh my gosh. McQueen vibes again, as with the other one.

Grandma sweaters, always welcome in my neck of the woods.

2 seasons ago with the pants here. I really enjoy them.

Hands down favorite one ever, I am lying down on the ground and wailing in pain it is so beautiful. McQueen vibes again.

This whole collection, it’s just amazing. It’s a big collection too, I couldn’t even review all of it! If anyone wants to see the rest….

Finale look is inexplicably amazing and completely beautiful.

Sometimes people are so talented you want to frame their vomit and just, like, put up on your wall because their vomit is your glitter? Mary Katrantzou 4 evah you guys, MARY KATRANTZOU FOR FUCKING LIFE.

All photos via  Elle.


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