Certain Issues

As a complete and total magazine nerd, I don’t know if any of you have felt this way before, but when I get an issue of a magazine I really like, I keep looking at it over and over until I memorize the text. That’s how bad I am with this stuff.

I told you I read Nylon (please please don’t judge me for it ) occasionally (they have good music reviews and a slightly better idea of things than Vogue or Elle.) One of the issues they did had Evan Rachel Wood on the cover (it was November 2010. That’s how much of a fangirl I am.)

So Nylon does a different theme for every month. Some months it’s fashion or music or whatever, but my favorite is the America issue. Not because I am a pretentious fuck about where I live, but because the idea of having an issue centered around America everywhere is very difficult since it’s an abstract concept (rather than fashion or music, which are just really self explanatory.) This issue featured basically a cross-country tour of some of the biggest cities (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago) and some smaller but no less mighty ones (Portland, Boston, Miami.) The staff of Nylon basically splits up, communicates via the internet, and writes about all of these great bands, restaurants, and stores located in each city. It doesn’t feel like an advertisement or some sort of “MOVE TO LA NOW” type thing–it’s just “here’s a city we like, here’s why we like it.”

Personally, cities and suburbs and small towns are all very interesting to me, so I enjoyed seeing the things they had to do in each one, and the parallels and differences between the cities. They also interviewed people who lived there about their style and beauty routines. The thing I love about it is that it’s really encouraging–there are places to live that aren’t New York where you can have a really cosmopolitan/urban way of existing.

The next issue (November 2011) was even better, from an objective standpoint (I loved 2010 just because it was my first issue and I thought that the concept was genius.)

This one was great because instead of the major or well known cities, Nylon concentrated on small and lesser known cities like Boise, Sacramento, Jackson, and the like to find out about their music. How fucking cool is that?? I can’t get over it. They have a bad habit of going overboard and kind of doing the whole “New York and San Francisco are the only good places to hear music” thing but they totally annihilated that idea with this. All of these great people making good music don’t get recognition because, well, who wants to go to Boise? Nylon didn’t care. They just went out. It was the contrast between the previous one, which was all about more known cities and everything about them, and here it was lesser-known cities and the same things: where to eat, where to shop, and especially, what to hear.

If you ever want to get an introduction to Nylon, get the November issues. So far, I haven’t seen any disappointments.


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