Lampshades (part 6 of 7)


As are neutral lips.

So far I still just like the last collection more? She’s just so talented and I feel like the last one was the pinnacle of her talent and this one is more modern without the textile detail that she did before.

These pants are epic though guys, let’s be real here. I like how the shirt goes with the pants so that they all blend together.

And blazers are usually bland to me but if someone came to work that way I’d probably start worshiping them, this thing is amazing.

I like the back, it makes her look like a queen or royalty . Also, blue lipstick, need I mention it again?!

Mini dress=fucking epic. If I had good legs, I wouldn’t stop wearing this. My school’s performing arts banquet is this week, I’m wearing a huge skirt and a sweater and ugly black boots. I enjoy being in a clothing rut, it’s so fun.

I think we’re starting to see her textile ability more in the mini dresses than in the other things.

Also, purple lipstick, never an issue either. And this dress is absolutely amazing. I love how each part has its own individual detail.

I enjoy the blue in this but I like the last two more because this one seems a little too simplistic.

All in all, while this collection was really great, I liked the last one a lot more.

All photos via Elle.


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