Lampshades (part 5 of 7)

So, when designers do floral patterns for fall, I have to say it’s not relatively interesting. Mary Katrantzou has done it an innovative way, because instead of putting it on some sort of finely cut sun dress, she put them on tights and structured skirts and tops. With blue clogs.

On the other foot, there is a way to incorporate dark colors into collections in the fall, which is done really well here. You have a lot of purple and vibrant color on the dress but the shoes don’t necessarily have to be that way as well.

Pattern overload. Sometimes I think she’s so talented that this is a little much, but maybe I’ve just watched too many red carpet review sessions where people over analyze everything. Also, the clogs. They make my argument invalid.

The thing that I enjoy about Mary Katrantzou is that she does a lot of patterns that aren’t “young” or whatever the fuck they call it. They’re things that could be found on your Grandmother’s table cloth but she’s such a fantastical genius and manages to make it more interesting than all the other things you see.

This is insane. I can’t deal with this. There is so much beauty I can’t even…why over analyze when you can’t even talk about it without wanting to throw up floral patterns?

If somebody gave me these tights, I would just stare at them. Also, you see the skirt pattern? I love the red in it.

These shoes are so beautiful. I think that the pattern is slightly reminiscent of her first and second collections, especially the way it’s placed on the skirt.

I don’t know what it is about purple in this collection, but I have no problems with it. It goes well with the black shoes, which are sort of badass to me, while the purple maintains a sophisticated balance. I look at the psychology behind colors, guys. Someone hit me up, I can teach a course on it at an ivy league school while kids in sweater vests stare at me disgust.

The patterns on the top are kind of animal-ish and they go well with the tan shoes. Also, I can’t get over the graphics on the dress.

It’s like you’ve got this long, quirky (I hate that word so much, but I can’t find anything else to describe it) dress and then bam, these awesome black shoes that could easily go with grey jeans come in–HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FEEL.

So you know how the other skirts in the last collection each sort of told a story, because they were built the same way but they were all different? That’s how I feel about this dress, because it tells a story too, with the three different sections and patterns. I find it in intriguing that Mary Katrantzou always manages to do that.

All photos via Elle.


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  1. I think I’ve just felled in love with this collection!

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