Lampshades (part 4 of 7)

So remember when I was talking about how people call her collections lampshades? Here’s my evidence! Spring 2011 is where it’s at. This is probably one of my favorite collections in the history of ever. How does Mary Katrantzou pull it off, man?

This looks like the McQueen collection I was talking about.

Okay so shoes are major spring want (as necessary information) and the dress is super strucutred and DO YOU SEE THESE PATTERNS?? It’s like interior design ON A DRESS. Your eyes are gorged with fabulous. You are about to throw up sparkles, it’s that good.

We might as well get a closeup on the shoes…

I like how they’re tall wedges…with laces. That are yellow. All we need is bacon and we’re pretty much set.

Ah here, perfect lampshade example guys. THIS IS WHAT I MEAN. It looks a piece of furniture in a trendy apartment.

Also love this one, it more looks like a lamp my grandmother would have.

The thing I love about all of the skirts is that they each look like a lamp in a different house. So while the first one loked like a trendy apartment lamp, and the second looked like an old rich woman’s, this one looks like a middle aged ex-housewife. Each skirt tells a story.

And this one looks like a vacation house lamp.

She also incorporated some of the themes of her old collection, like the graphics on this outfit.

I can’t even–DO YOU SEE THE SKIRT???

And end scene.

This is what I was waiting to post–this is how fashion is art. You can do things like this. Humans have the ability to make beautiful things and when we do, it’s amazing. Yes, fashion is a business. It’s a very ugly and horrible business, and it’s full of prejudice; but when we just focus on the art side, we see that it’s an important one. These people give me hope. If we can make skirts out of lamps, then we can probably accept people of all varieties of sexuality, race, and gender as they are, too. It’s simple logic that’s hard to act on.

All photos via Elle


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