Lampshades (part 2 of 7)

Now that we’re on the second collection, I’d just like to point out that if you didn’t know much about Mary Katrantzou before, you are missing out.

There we are, doing the black eye makeup again. I always route for the raccoons.

This is probably my favorite look from the collection because I feel like it’s one of the few designer things that I could see myself wearing all the time (If I had killer legs, which is a different story all together that involves a lot of Oreos and crying.)

I think I liked the patterns in her first collection more because they were so interesting looking, whereas these have been done a lot (even more this show.)

Ruffle details are always welcome, but of course now they look dated (because this collection was in 2010.)

At the end of this post, I was about to write “I’m really excited for the others because this one bored me” but never mind, I don’t know how this could be boring WHEN THAT EXISTS somebody hold me back. Taking ruffles to another extreme.

Also I can’t help fangirling over this one because it reminds me more of her first collection, which I love a lot. The bangles are a really great accessory since the rest of the outfit is very narrow and sucked in.I sound really hipster right now, but if I were a designer, I’d make the whole thing nebula themed, which of course would be too much like Christopher Kane’s resort 2011 collection. The style would go well with it though.

I know the similarities aren’t that apparent, but if you look closely, both of them hit just above the knee and are tight. Both models are also wearing strappy shoes. Don’t worry though, I’ll do a separate on Christopher Kane resort 2011.

I still like the first collection better, because at the beginning this one felt more mundane.

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