Lampshades (part 1 of 7)

I hear this comparison a lot to Mary Katrantzou’s clothing so that’s my justification for the title.

From her first collection. Digging the eye makeup (raccoon eyes are not a problem for me, if you’ll recall (Rodarte) and this is even better. The actual dress itself reminds me of a modern art piece–simplistic and minimal but with a lot of meaning (most vague description ever.)

Not too hard on the eyes, it kind of reminds of one of Givenchy’s more recent collections with the jewel like details:

(Spring 2011, I thought that that even though the other collection is more spring oriented, the style of the art and the narrow skirts were similar.)

I mean, even though it’s only her first collection I think it’s pretty damn legit. The graphics on the clothes are really consistent and it has a really unique tone. Of course, her other collections are more interesting to look at since she’s changed so much but these are also great; after all, she had to start somewhere, might as well be good.

A look from her latest collection–really different from the first one, but the skirt is still narrow and I can still see the same types of patterns on the dress (like jewelery.)

All photos courtesy of Style and



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