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Today will be a double post day! I spent all of last night creating a post only to have WordPress not save it, so that was a grand time. Now I’ll be recreating it.

Here are my some of my favorite websites so far (Favorite blogs will be for a later date.)

1. Rookie–I’m going to be cliche here and say that Rookie is the most innovative site out there. They are the anti-Seventeen and they have no shame in it. They write things that I can relate to and things that I wish I could relate to; they have things that are pleasing to the eyes but also things that are pleasing to the brain. Tavi Gevinson is great and now she has an epic website with an epic staff; Rookie is literally a fudge cake filled with Vermont ice cream and wrapped in bacon; it is the epitome of all things good.

An older issue, but does it matter? The best part is that you can go back and look at all the issues as they were the day they came out, which is really cool.

2. Into the Gloss–She might have been on “The Hills,” but Emily Weiss isn’t one to be judged. She  is the creator of Into the Gloss (or ITG as avid readers like to call it) and I thank her for that. I’m not that knowledgeable about makeup but if I ever need to find out about a great product, I go here right away. There are reviews of different types of makeup, interviews with the coolest people out there about their beauty routines (see: Laurel Pantin, Karlie Kloss,)  backstage makeup at New York fashion week and beyond, videos of makeup routines from the editor herself, interviews with random girls on the streets of Paris and New York, and many other useful features. If you like makeup, Into the Gloss is where it’s at.

3. Jezebel–Whenever I feel the need to get updated on any sort of lady related topic, I go and look at Jezebel. Usually I’m able to find information from other sources, but if I’m done with any sort of bullshit, it’s always there. If there’s something messed up going on in pop culture, Jezebel will write about it. They’re liberal minded but not in a “shove it down your throat way” which is a hard balance to maintain.

4. xojane--Jane Pratt from Sassy is the editor-in-chief of xojane and I think it’s one of my favorite websites. It’s basically a more mature Rookie, with really funny and interesting articles. They write about anything from sex to diet plans, but not in the same stupid way Cosmo does it. If Rookie is the anti-Seventeen, then xoJane is the anti-Cosmo and they have the same sense of apathy Rookie has about it. If you ever have a crappy day, go onto their website, I guarantee you will be entertained. It’s like a black hole of fun that is updated everyday for your benefit.

5. Worn Journal–Worn is a great magazine based in Toronto. It’s run by fabulous women known as Wornettes, who write articles about fashion, fashion history, and anything and everything in between. They do a great job of encompassing social issues into their fashion side of things–I recently got all of their back issues and there are articles about being transgender in every day society and book reviews. Worn (the website) is full of interviews from the latest contributors, directions on submissions and contributing, and book reviews. I check it periodically just to see who the latest Wornettes are and what the latest issue is like. You don’t want to miss out on Worn. It’s a bad idea.

My own issues of Worn that I am too excited to read.

6. Lula’s Scrapbook–If you haven’t heard of Lula before, you can read this post I made on it (just to play catch up.) The Scrapbook is filled with awesome pictures of anything from bears in Canada to the latest Chanel shoe, all taken by people like Sarah Sophie Flicker, Karen Elson, Kate an d Laura Mulleavy, Leith Clark herself, and many other great people in the fashion and art industry. If you haven’t taken a look at it, you should. It’s inspirational and it lets you into interesting people’s lives–what more could you want?

As an example, little pictures of pretty things–this was taken by Tennesse Thomas at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.


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